Интересные факты и события из жизни аристократии

Kiribati catches up Russia!

The Republic of Kiribati together with Russia took the 39th place from 95 in the international rating of Passport Index-2017

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The Emperor is already in Tarawa!

Kiribati is being gradually gripped by monarchic moods! Before the New year in Tarawa the new night club and bar

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Negotiations with Collins

February 2 Prince Anton Bakov at the talks with the Kiribatian Minister for Women, Youth and Social Affairs Hon. David

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Russian monarchist wants ”alternative Russia” in Pacific

A Russian monarchist says he wants to use three uninhabited islands in Kiribati to create an ”alternative Russia”. Anton Bakov

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Next round of negotiations

Imperial Archchancellor Anton Bakov together with his incomparable wife Marina are scheduled to come to Kiritimati island with an official

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The town of Saint-Nicolas on the island of Malden

The task force group under the Government of the Republic of Kiribati supported  Romanov Empire plans to build the town

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