Kerch Straight Bridge became ten times expensive from the beginning of its construction

Kerch Straight Bridge became ten times expensive from the beginning of its construction

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Kerch Bridge, which is being built by company “Stroygazmontazh” of Arkady Rotenberg, close friend of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, for the whole period of its construction became 10 times expensive. At the beginning it came out 24 billion roubles, today the estimate cost of it amounts 250 billion roubles and even half of works are not fulfilled yet. The bridge is planned to be opened in 2019.


Video, made of RBK issues about rise in price of the bridge, is becoming very popular in internet. At first the anchor says the most will cost 50 billion, then 100 billion, then 150, 200 and finally 250 billion roubles.

Not so long time ago we said that financing of the bridge construction was stopped and in fact the company has sent an ultimatum to the Government of Russia where it was informed that the company refused to provide safety of frameworks, which were built already, if they don’t receive money. Money were found fast and construction was resumed.

The Kerch Bridge is often compared with Chinese pendant bridge over the Qinshui river which has been built for two years and 240 million dollars were spent on its construction. The difference in these bridges length is evident – 19 km un Crimea and 1,13km in China, approximately in 18 times. The difference in their cost is the same – approximately 18 times. However, as engineers say the Crimean bridge is much easier as it is not pedant and is being kept by piles. By the way, China is a world record-holder in construction of giant bridges. 13 from 20 giant bridges were built in this country.

It is not correct to compare these two projects as in fact they are absolutely different, but their cost is the same. It would be more actually to compare bridges which are similar in their length and construction. For example, the King Fahd Bridge in Saudi Arabia, its length is 25 km. 1,2 billion dollars were spent on its construction. The Kerch Bridge is 6 km shorter and costs approximately 4 billion dollars. However, it includes not only four-line road but two lines of railway also.


The King Fahd Bridge in Saudi Arabia

Nevertheless detractors of the Crimean Bridge are constantly talking about the tenfold growth of the project’s cost. As we can see from the comparison with the Chinese bridge this price is adequate. Apologists of the Crimean Bridge are trying not to see any critics and assure that construction works of such scale are taking place in Russia constantly and in each region, and it is absolutely false. The Crimean bridge can be compared only with construction of the Vostochny Cosmodrome.

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