Let us introduce the Emperor Nicholas III! To the 64th anniversary of the Birthday

Let us introduce the Emperor Nicholas III! To the 64th anniversary of the Birthday

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On the 12th of June Russia celebrates the Day of Russia, however there are few people who know that the Emperor Nikolai Kirillovich III, the lawful heir of Russian Emperorship, was born on this day. In 2016 His Majesty turned 64.

Many people might object to this fact: “Wait a minute, but Romanov’s royal family was killed in 1918. What restoration of monarchy are we talking about if there is nobody to occupy the Imperial Throne?”

We will answer and dissipate their doubts – there is a heir. Moreover he is legitimate from the point of view of all the laws of succession to the throne. His name is Karl-Emich Leiningen or Nikolai Kirillovich (the Orthodox name), or just Emperor Nicholas III.

Let’s clarify who is he, observe the main facts of his biography and answer the question why is he the one who must become an Emperor of the whole Russia?

Nikolai Kirillovich or Prince Karl-Emich Leiningen?

Nikolai Kirillovich was born on 12 June 1952 in the German city of Amorbach. He is the grandson of Great Duchess Maria Kirillovna – the eldest daughter of Great Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, who has proclaimed himself an Emperor Kirill I in 1924 and who is the cousin of Nicholas II. His late father was third cousin of the Queen Elizabeth II.

His early youth and childhood, Nikolai Kirillovich spent like the usual quiet European aristocrat. But in his family life everything was not as easy. Prince Karl Emich was married three times. And he has three children – one child from each marriage.

His first wife was Margarita, the Princess Hohenlohe-Oehringen who belonged to a noble family and her parents were one of the founders of Siemens corporation. She tragically died in a car accident in 1989.
The Second marriage has brought significant troubles and loss of reputation to our Emperor. He married baroness Gabriele Thyssen. Despite her being a descendant of a leading industrialists family, the marriage was considered to be unequal. The first reason – her status was lower than his , and the second reason – she was a Catholic. As a result Nicholas’s father recognized the marriage as morganatic and this meant the loss of the opportunity to lead Leiningen House. Furthermore the Emperor has lost his turn in the British crown succession line but he has kept the Prince title. Later there was a notorious lawsuit for the heritage which was lost.

This was the end of Nicholas III’s misfortunes. In 2007 he got married with his third wife the Countess Isabelle von Egloffstein, the heiress of the mediatized house of Pappenheim (in Orthodox – Princess Yekaterina Fedorovna Leiningen-Egloffstein-Romanova).

So our Emperor has lost his means, property, lands, has lost most of his titles and even an island on Ibiza. His aristocratic career seemed to be finished but unexpected help came from Russia.

Nicholas III and Russia

In 2012 a new Russian political party , the “Monarchist Party” was officially established and registered. It was lead by famous political and public figure Anton Alekseevich Bakov. One of the first and foremost tasks of party was the search for the heir to the Russian. Researches in accordance to all laws of succession to the throne were held. Nikolai Kirillovich Romanov turned out to be the only legitimate heir to the Imperial Throne. From that moment a new period of Prince’s life began, marking the return to aristocratic life and fighting for the Imperial Throne. Of course with active support of Monarchist Party.

Before it Prince Karl Emich has converted to Orthodox Christianity, accepting the name Nikolai Kirillovich.

First of all the development of important projects to popularize monarchial ideas in the world began. Nikolai Kirillovich was included in the supervisory committee of the Imperial Palace Fund which deals with recreation of three royal palaces in Russia on ancient projects – Srednerogatsky, Podzorny and Belovezhsky Palaces which will perform representative and tourist functions. The next step was official offer to the President of Russian Federation to establish an Imperial Throne Micronation in Yekaterinburg, a kind of Russian Vatican but in an imperial variant.

In 2014 next important step was made, thanks to researches made by Anton Bakov. Nikolai Kirillovich was proclaimed the Emperor Nicholas III. You will ask: how is it possible? He has no main state attributes: territory and population. The answer is simple: Nikolai Kirillovich is the lineal and the only heir of Christian Imperial Throne which originates from times of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. Such throne carries state sovereignty without dependence on any other attributes such as territory and population. There is only one such state in the world we have said about above – the Vatican.

Latest news and projects of the Emperor

The next important stage began – the consolidation of patriots who remained loyal to the Imperial Throne all over the world. This process is described in a decree by Nicholas III as follows: “By the Grace of Lord Our unbroken Throne unites both East and West and All Christian heritage of the Roman Empire, and also many recently joined lands and people of Christian World in New World, Africa, Australia and on islands <…> We are establishing the Throne of Roman, Byzantine and Russian Emperors as a bulwark of Christians, protection of Faith, Traditions and ancestor’s Inheritance. Let everybody who is loyal to God join us”.

Important international negotiations are being held with leaders of different states: Montenegro, Gambia, Macedonia and others. Anton Alekseevich Bakov is actively taking part in these negotiations. Nikolai Kirillovich assigned Bakov to Archchancellor position and later in 2015, in honor of Bakovs 50th anniversary, Nikolai Kirillovich has made a great gift to him by granting him the title of the Serene Prince.

One more fact should be pointed out – the 12th of June , being His Majesty Nicholas III’s Birthday, was established as an important holiday in the micronation of Imperial Throne – The Imperial Day.

In future Nikolai Kirillovich is about to contribute greatly to the monumental and difficult work of monarchy restoration. It is necessary to restore his name, honour, reputation in the aristocratic world. It is necessary to restore his authority in the eyes of the world population. The way to monarchy restoration is long and difficult but we are sure that Emperor Nicholas III and his faithful subjects will manage to perform this task and will restore the Russian Empire!

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