Yatsenyuk’s retirement. Reasons and consequences.

Yatsenyuk’s retirement. Reasons and consequences.

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Retirement of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk which will officially happen tomorrow and was announced yesterday became a sort of  boundary for modern Ukranian politicum. The retirement was discussed a long ago, several times Yatsenyuk tried to intimidate “colleagues” by his leave, however this time it looks quite serious.

From maidan to maidan

Politic history of Arseniy Yatsenyuk began a long before maidan 2014 after which the government of Yanukovych was fallen. In 2001 he headed the Ministry of Economics in Crimea, in two years he moved to work in National bank of Ukraine which was headed by Sergey Tigipko. Yatsenyuk as a public person appeared during first maidan in 2004 when he belonged to “Orange coalition” with Yulia Timoshenko and Viktor Yushchenko. Arseniy Yatsenyuk raised on a wave of Orange Revolution of 2004 and after it he didn’t leave upper branches of power. In different time he occupied positions of the Minister of Economics in Yekhanurov’s government (2005-2006) and the Foreign Minister in the second government of Yanykovych (2007). In 2007 – 2008 he was the Chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.


Arseniy Yatsenyuk

In 2009-2012 he headed political party “Front of Changes”. Since June till December 2012 he headed the “United opposition” board, since December 11th, 2012 till March 4th, 2014 – the head of the party of All-Ukraininan Union “Fatherland” in Verkhovna Rada, since June 14th, 2013 till April 27th, 2014 – the Chairman of political board of party. Since September 10th, 2014 he headed the party “People’s Front”.

Maidan’s Premier

Despite Yatsenyuk occupied high positions in different governments and with different presidents, the figure of Yulia Timoshenko was always above him and didn’t allowed to go up higher than she was. That is why when Yanukovich locked up Timoshenko in 2010, more profit than anybody else got Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Comparatively peaceful and calm period in Ukraine of 2012-2013 showed that Yatsenyuk was not able to conduct adequate political actions without any support. Miserable dozens of local crazy people came to his rallies. Thanks to this nobody could predict maidan 2013-2014 because neither Yatsenyuk nor anybody else didn’t look like revolution leaders.


Maidan 2014

After the “Revolution of Dignity” happened, Yanukovich fled the country, Arseniy Yatsenyuk became one of main maidan figure and then of the whole Ukrainian political space. The fact is that nobody was going to give the power to scandalous figures and explicit national socialists like Tyahnibok, Lyashko or maidan fighters. There was no new political elite and old, “beat-to-shit” figures like Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk were more appropriate figures from the main power centers in Ukraine point of view.

It needs no words that corruption as system event was completely peculiar for Ukraininan political regime both before and after maidan. For a time there were legends about corruption of Yanukovich regime. Corruption of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk are kept by natural barriers – country, bleeded off by war, can’t be stealed constantly. To keep the presence of Americans in bounds of propriety, who thought it would be necessary to have their own Finance Minister Natalia Jaresko and Mikhail Saakashvily to control foreign currency loans. By the way both of them are possible candidates for the Premier position.

This is all what Yatsenyuk has left.

Couple of political experts suppose that retirement of Yatsenyuk is interesting only for those who pretends to be his relief. Surname Groysman, who is Poroshenko’s man is calling – very steadity by the way. If it is not so, United Stated are going to strengthen Poroshenko positions and to give him a sort of carte blanche. If Jaresko becames the Premier (there are no other candidates except these two) – this will mean the establishment of direct external control without any conventions.


Anatoly Nesmiyan: “The fact that robber Jatsenyuk is not going to the ward but in the honorable discharge is saying only that Maidan was made only for robbers’ power to change its personal structure – regarding to the  – everything remained the same. But only it needed to kill thousands of people and to put the whole counlty into the darkness of poverty. But this is the cost for stupidity – and Maidan activists have enough stupidity for a couple more Revolutions of Dignity”

Rostislav Ishchenko: “ Poroshenko has brocken the coalition two weeks ago, that is why the Primier doesn’t have any support in Prliament even formally. If earlier we could say that premier was elected by coalition, now this coalition doesn’t even exist. Poroshenko discussed establishment of new majority a long ago, enticing both non-affiliated deputies and separate people’s deputies from “People’s Front” and “Self-Care”. It is evident that the President managed to establish  the majority. I’ll remind you, Yatsenyuk claimed ten days ago: “if Poroshenko shows at least 150 votes for new Prime Minister I will leave immediately”. So the President has these votes. And I don’t think that Department of State of the USA influenced the situation this time. They have already said a long ago everything they thought about this. If you want to change the Premier – do it, but without any early elections and new political crysis”

Yatsenyuk. Results.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk is 41 years old and he looks tike political monk. He is sitting on political Olymp of Ukraine for 15 years with varying degrees of intensity. Of course, this retirement from the premier place doesn’t reduce his political weight.  Yatsenyuk is going to the shadow, and in an unexpected moment, when everybody forget about him, he will arrive again and will occupy some high position or head just another “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”.

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