In Thailand the wife of Crown Prince renounced her title

In Thailand the wife of Crown Prince renounced her title

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The Crown Princess Srirasm , Thailand

Wife of the Crown Prince of Thailand Vachiralongkorna renounced her royal status. This was reported in the Bulletin of the royal court.

“With the permission of the king we announce that Princess Srirasm / Srirasmi /, wife of Crown Prince Vachiralongkorna in writing form  renounced of royal status,” – the document says.

Vachiralongkorn is a direct heir to the throne in Thailand, which occupies a 87-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej. According to foreign media reports, the prince no longer lives with his wife. In the Thailand  this topic’s discussion is not accepted.

A few weeks ago, the Crown Prince decided to deprive all the relatives of the now ex-princess royal status. The reason for this was a loud corruption scandal in the top leadership of Thai law enforcement agencies, which resulted in the arrest of six relatives of the wife of Prince.

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