Why the Lutheran church in Yekaterinburg is necessary? News

The Lutheran Evangelic community got the construction license last year from Administration of Yekaterinburg. According to plans, the church will occupy 400 sq.m of the earth in the territory of park of Blyukher. This summer construction began.

In the first day of work workers found a tombstone of the end of the XIX century. The park is on a place of an old cemetery therefore such finds aren’t surprising. Revolted locals not only “digging of graves” though about it many stated surprise by ease of behavior concerning remains of the people buried on this place. Statement of a question when the park in the downtown is dug over under construction of church revolts.

Why the Lutheran church in Yekaterinburg is necessary? News   The Catholic temple of Saint Anna in Yekaterinburg

One more moment of religious character which very few people mention, consists in need of construction of Lutheran church. The requirement at residents of Yekaterinburg for this religious institution is how great? In our opinion such requirement isn’t present. The Lutheran community is extremely not numerous and can manage more modest room for a prayer which, besides it has. The same Catholic church of Saint Anna occupies small space near consulate generals of the USA, Great Britain, etc. The interesting situation at which under Lutheran church allocate the earth in park of Yekaterinburg turns out, and the historical temple of Saint Ekaterina on Square of work doesn’t get approval of the authorities.