7 priority business strategies in 2018 – says Professor Anokhin Analytics

“Trends, like horses, are easier to ride in the direction they are going”.

— John Naisbitt

As pointed out by Professor Anokhin, to determine the mainstream development of business is simple enough.

In 2018 small businesses have short-term and long-term plans, which should lead their work to the next level. Accordingly, the article considers the main trends of development, allowing to easily implementing targets. The trends help to choose the most affordable path of development of the company and motivate to define the right strategy.


Creativity in business has always been a priority, but you can’t achieve the desired result without taking action. Innovative steps in business require financial investments, and in this case the idea of funding from supplementary sources for making a demanded and profitable product is optimal.

Of course, you can choose a more expensive way and use your personal capital as well as labor force. However, experts have found a solution of this problem in crowdfunding.

If we review the examples of small firms that have already used this approach, we can see that they implement their most creative ideas. For example, a coffee shop owner can easily purchase new equipment (or upgrade existing options) to expand their business with crowdfunding platforms. Dreams come true!

This 2018 strategy is a practical solution. To implement it, it is necessary to calculate the amount of costs for the introduction of a new product, technology or service, to determine the qualities that will interest the consumer, and then find like-minded people on crowdfunding sites.

Crowdfunding platforms are designed for companies that want to expand their business, but have a limited budget. By using these web sites, you can take the first steps to implement strategies of small and medium business today.

Video is better than pictures

In the modern world of high technologies, more and more attention is paid to the presentation of the product. Customers when choosing the product want as much as possible to know about it, here and now, so the creation of an interesting and exciting video will give an advantage in the market.

It is quite simple to create a video that will show all the advantages of the product and will interest the buyer. It is necessary to provide as much information about the product as possible, but do not forget that this product (or service) should be of high quality. Maximum awareness and focus on the consumer is one of the factors of success.

Focus on the consumer

A product that has not found its consumer is unprofitable.

In the modern world of digital technologies, consumers are directly involved in the creation of a new product by leaving feedback, sharing opinions and making suggestions on the relevant media sources. It is as important to consider the views of customers when developing a product as to choose the right development strategy. With this approach, the company will find loyal customers who will believe in the proposal of the company.

Customer relationships are the basis for creating a product that is in demand.

Ensuring efficient service, search for useful resources to create a product, as well as quality work with messages will provide the creation of a loyal and interested customer base in 2018.

Highly qualified staff

The best way to create a quality product and realize it is working with qualified professionals.

For example, the specialists of the Nu-tech company, which is a leader in its segment, find out that working with experienced and skilled staff is the key to success.

For instance, if you are creating a website, developing a marketing strategy, or conducting marketing research, working with experts (possibly external) will reduce the labor intensity of the task and allow you to focus on the result.

Thus, you should not try to do all the work yourself — it is better to delegate responsibilities correctly. This approach will improve efficiency and increase profits.

Creation an app

Modern companies that have achieved success, use the latest technologies to work with customers and attract consumers.

The most common way to interact with customers today is to use an app that lets you access the product through your phone or tablet. Creating an app is another easy way to work with consumers.

Using of modern means of communication for search of employees, hiring and work

Currently working with staff (including search and hiring) through telecommunication means, such as Skype, is popular enough. In 2018, this approach will become even more common.

The use of modern means of communication will help to find the best specialists, regardless of their location.

Positive atmosphere for employees

The style of the company’s management, as well as the creation of a favorable working atmosphere, is important factors of efficiency. Right organization of the working space and comfortable design of the office also affect productivity growth.

Good working conditions help to create a professional relationship based on loyalty and mutual respect. In turn, excessive pressures on employees and constant stress have a negative impact on business development.

To be aware

To be aware of all new products and development trends, you need to constantly implement something new. Reading, studying the new and sharing experiences is a simple way of development and constant growth. New knowledge provides new opportunities for business expansion.