Archchancellor’s opinion of the Imperial Throne of A. A. Bakov on destruction of “sanctions” products Analytics

The Russian President Vladimir Putin at the end of July signed the decree according to which all food imported from the countries on which the Russian grocery embargo is imposed will be destroyed since August 6. Archchancellor of the Imperial Throne Anton Alekseevich Bakov gave to the Imperor portal the comment apropos to the decree, and also the begun mass destruction of products in all regions of Russia.

– The Russian Federation, today, is the country isolated from the outside world. It is shown in everything – policy, economy, a current state of culture and science. Also it is connected not by that the West seeks to destroy our civilization. Our Orthodox civilization was destroyed the all the XX century, and not hands of the West at all. Once thanks tells communists who at first killed the Orthodox Tsar as symbol of a civilization and Empire, and then 70 years pulled out spiritual roots from our people. As a result we received faithless people, atheists on life. And this with the fact that presently temples are under construction, there is a formal spiritual revival. As a result we were self-isolated from world around. In the same West, though total liberalism in its most awful manifestations dominates, values, business etiquette.

The situation around destruction got under sanctions products is a striking example of such self-isolation. And that the president adopts the special decree regulating destruction procedure says that self-isolation goes from the top. Comments concerning destruction of good, expensive and qualitative food are excessive. Someone from you doubts quality of cheese, meat from Germany, Holland, Poland? The answer is obvious. Respectively, we deal with the political decision aimed at self-isolation. It is necessary to agree with irony of Stanislav Belkovsky respected by me: “Russia, perhaps, will become the pioneer in formation and realization of new ideology of saturation of the person”. Speaking in a different way, to us start dictating and regulating each step, up to physical requirements, food. Any political scientist will tell you, it is the first sign of the totalitarian state.

I don’t want to call Russia the totalitarian state. We have an authoritarianism. But not healthy authoritarianism which was at the time of absolute monarchy, and sick, inadequate. Being covered with democratic institutes, authoritarian regime of Putin is free to create a complete outrage, without reckoning with opinion of the people at all.

However, the society presently opened, it is impossible to do it secretly, unofficially, that nobody noticed. The situation around Snowden showed to Putin that the world is open and lies on a palm at those who owns information technologies, any information will become property of the public.

I didn’t mention moral aspect of destruction of food. The matter is that in Russia always made thrifty use of food, especially of bread. Because the country northern, a frigid climate, it is necessary to do large supplies of products for the winter. There was a lean year – means to be to hunger, and all understood it. Therefore never in Russia destroyed products, what production they wouldn’t be.

That occurs before our eyes doesn’t find an explanation in the Russian history. As I already spoke, this political decision directed on self-isolation of Russia and saving of the current status for our ruling elite which doesn’t want to change even under the influence of sanctions.