As the rest of the heads of state? Analytics

Each of us rests in different ways. Have you ever wondered where  rest  the Royal family ? Today we will tell you about the rest of the rest of the heads of state.

Castel Porziano. Rome, Italy

This area of six thousand square meters, covered with Mediterranean vegetation, with a three wild beach. It is the village, the castle and the Church. The mansion is a 15-minute drive from Rome and is a recreation area of presidents of the Italian Republic.

When in 1870 Rome became the capital of the Kingdom, there is a need to look for a lover of hunting king Victor Manuel II, not accustomed to the lifestyle of the city, a suitable place where he would feel comfortable. In 1872, the state acquired the estate of a noble family Grazioli.

The area is a Paradise for flora and fauna. In 60-ies of the last century during filming of motion picture “the Bible” escaped the bear and found this beautiful refuge. President Giuseppe Saragat, who was in power from 1964 to now, arranged in the castle Porziano real hunting feasts, to which we invited our friends, journalists and actors of the time.

Saragat gave their guests a sausage made from meat of dead animals they.

Chequers. Ellesborough, UK

The British Royal family has the greatest amount of property, but it is an exceptional vacation spot of Prime Minister. The origin of the manor unclear and even in some degree mysterious.

Ex-wife of Prime Minister John Major wrote her book called “the Chequers: the prime minister’s country house and its history. Interestingly, in the past, this was a prison. Here were incarcerated lady Mary Grey, great-grand daughter of king of England Henry VII. All her fault was that she married without the permission of the Royal family.

Queen Elizabeth I deprived her of all privileges enjoyed by the members of the family, and kept her here in prison and exile. She was held in prison for two years. Inside the house are stored, although not exposed to the public personal belongings Oliver Cromwell and the diary of Admiral Nelson. For security reasons, during the Second world war Winston Churchill tried often to visit the estate. Gordon Brown, by contrast, spent a lot of time here, first of all, the weekend. David and Victoria Beckham also visited Chequers.

Bregancon. Cote d’azur, France

In 1964, General De Gaulle was looking for a country residence for a holiday in the South of France. He had prepared for him a military fortress, Bregancon, built in the XVI century. It was standing on a hill with a height of 35 meters and was in a dilapidated condition. The first night the mosquitoes did not let the General go to sleep, but the bed was too small, and De Gaulle swore that he  will not return there any more.

His successor, President Georges Pompidou on the contrary, has been here often enough. His wife has furnished residence with new furniture, and the couple spent a lot of time there. Valery Giscard d’estaing ordered to make a hole in the rock to hide from prying eyes.

Francois Mitterrand was hardly ever in Breganzona. In may 2007, the day after the inaugurationб Nicolas Sarkozy, his wife Cecilia went there to see the place. But she didn’t have enough time to learn, because in October of the same year she divorced and lost his place Carla Bruni, who visited the residence being pregnant. Francois Hollande has continued the tradition of Bregancon.

Marivent. The island of Mallorca, Spain

As the rest of the heads of state? Analytics

The summer residence of the Royal family. The area is 33 thousand square meters. The estate was built by the architect Guillem Forteza Association in 1925 by order of the Egyptian artist of Greek origin Juan de Saridakis, who lived here until his death in 1963. His widow, Asuncion Marconi gave the land and the Palace of the provincial Council of the Balearic Islands.

Marcos Torio, author of “Veranos en Mallorca, argued that the cost of maintenance of the estate is 1.6 million euros per year. Over the years, the original Palace was added separately standing buildings, connected by paths. As he wrote in his book Torio, this rustic Villa is quite modest, no frills. Apparently, it is the Queen Sofia has insisted on the terrace were supplied plastic chairs because they are easier to wipe.

Castel Gandolfo. Albano, the Vatican city

Land with rolling hills that surround the lake Albano, located a few kilometers from Rome, was acquired by the Finance and administrative Council of the Vatican in the early sixteenth century. Pope urban VIII (1568-1644), the former to his election, cardinal Barberini, ordered to rebuild the old castle in a small Palace for the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

His successor, Pope innocent X never visited this residence. Pope Alexander VII commissioned to expand the Palace of the great Italian architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini. After his residence nobody practiced for centuries.

Tell that innocent XI once held in the papal Palace night, during which there was a storm with rain and thick fog. Pope Clement XIV was very fond of riding on horseback in the area.

In 1870, when the Roman army entered Rome and the era of Papal areas ended, Pope Pius IX continuously resided in the Vatican. Up until in 1929 were not signed the Lateran Treaty, neither the head of the Roman Catholic Church did not come in Castel Gandolfo.

In February 1944 the area was bombed by the us air force, which led the fighting against Hitler coalition.There were killed hundreds of civilians. Today it would be called “unintended victims.” Since the 70-ies, the Pontiffs moved there by helicopter. Pope John Paul II called Castel Gandolfo “Vatican-2”.

La Mareta. Lanzarote, Spain

This residence is the name of the place where it was built. There was a tank dug in the soil to collect rainwater. This water fed animals that were grazing in the vicinity. The residence was built by the famous architect Cesar Manrique. Its area amounts to 15.5 thousand square meters.

The residential complex consists of ten bungalow and two swimming pools. The mansion was commissioned by the  king of Jordan Hussein. His son spent their honeymoon, but the monarch never in residence stop and eventually gave it to the king of Spain Juan Carlos in 1980. The king, in turn, gave it to the state.

This place is connected with sad memories for the Spanish crown. Here died the Countess of Barcelona and here were on vacation Juan Carlos and dona sofia.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero chose La Mareta as recreational spent on alterations and repairs 270 thousand euros. In La Mareta equipped Playground for basketball. But played it only a few times.

Donana. Cadiz, Spain

Already in the fourteenth century, king Alfonso XI made these lands belonged to the Dukes of Medina Sidonia, one of my favorites. Estate Marismillas is 11 thousand acres and belonged to count Tarifa, obradovalsea its colonial English style.

Prime Minister Zapatero said that this is one of his favorite places.

Because the Palace is located in a protected area, you can reach it easy. There are two ways to cross the river Guadalquivir from Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cadiz, and from there get to the Palace, located at a distance of 5 kilometers. The second option during low tide to go thirty miles along the shore, separating the estate from the village Matalascanas, Huelva province.

Writer Fernan Caballero called these places “the desert and Paradise flower garden and the Heath”. Juan Carlos de Borbon, when there was no king in October 1953 participated in here in my first hunt. In the Palace there are 15 bedrooms.

Jorge Molina, expert in this area, wrote the book “Donana: todo era nuevo y salvaje.”

“Once there was Kofi Annan, but nobody paid attention to him. Also stayed here one Portuguese politician, just lost the election. He was already in a depressed state, and found the Palace very tired” – says the author.