Belkovsky: Decision to shoot down Russian aircraft Turkey has agreed with NATO Analytics

Events in the Middle East after the Russian Su-24 plane was shot down by a Turkish F-16s, are developing rapidly. Russian society is again divided in their evaluation of what is happening and the consequences that should be for Turkey after that. We will know the opinion of Stanislav Belkovsky about the causes and consequences of the incident, which killed Russian citizen – a bomber pilot..

Belkovsky: Decision to shoot down Russian aircraft Turkey has agreed with NATO Analytics

On 24th of November, on the Echo of Moscow Stanislav Belkovsky told his own opinion on the matter.

“The decision to shoot down a Russian plane was made in consultation with the senior partners in NATO.”

This was the main reason for the attack on the Russian plane. Support for NATO and the readiness of military protection of Turkey in case of a threat given Erodoganu in the rightness of their actions. In addition, Angela Merkel said that it is time for Turkey’s accession to the European Union.

The political scientist said the similarity of the Presidents of Russia and Turkey – Putin and Erdogan are in their authoritarian rule and the transformation of the political regime of personal power. Despite this, NATO is chosen Turkey as a country that can strike on Russia, with the full approval of the alliance.

“Russian planes flew into the airspace of Turkey more than once.”

This was the main reason to shoot down Russian aircraft, said Belkovsky. In addition, Russia and Turkey have serious differences on Syria, which can not be resolved. Russia supports the Assad regime and bombs all categories except ISIS including Syrian Turkmen. Turkey supports these Turkmens and can not allow Russia to continue bombing.

The consequences of this attack for Turkey, Belkovsky said that they come in a spirit of “memorable Chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko, Russia.” The food will be introduced sanctions, a ban on tourism and other mutual charms, which affected not only the Turkish travel agencies, and tour operators and Russian citizens.

“When Turkey shot down our plane, it has laid the associated risks.”

They were willing to bear economic losses. Political decisions have come to define the economy and Turkey is ready to go for it. The US and EU even earlier announced that policy decisions about Russia can carry damage to the economy and the West is ready for the West makes it clear to Putin and to the world that the ultimate aim of these measures turn Putin  figure with which it is not necessary to conduct business on the mercantile considerations .

War with Turkey will not like and will not be a war with NATO, said Belkovsky. Russia later, the situation is on the brakes. Moreover, gas relations between Russia and Turkey will not be revised, as will cause a large mutual damage.