Is Putin going to be the “supreme ruler of Russia”? Analytics

Liberal Democratic Party proposes to rename the post of Russian president to the “Supreme Ruler”, to enter the national anthem “God Save the Tsar” and increase the minimum wage to 20 thousand rubles. It could be called spring aggravation, but the news given by Tass makes it into an event of a national significance.

Imperor repeatedly informed that there is an abnormal centralization of power in Russia, and the monopolization of tenure. This has already led to the fact that for 16 years the country is actually run by one man – Vladimir Putin. Network analyst Anatoly Nesmiyan (El Murid) saw this as an opportunity to remove even a formal “democratic framework” in the form of elections, Parliament and so on. Position of the president will be called “Supreme Ruler” and the target of Vladimir Putin.

Here is the text of Anatoly Nesmiyana which is unchanged, but it has a few comments.

Since they pay, of course, got excited – is it difficult and challenging, and worth? When things go bad in a brothel, but people do not want to change the girls, the permutation of the beds, without a doubt, it’s a very animates the interior.

However, the last Supreme Ruler graduated not so fun – on Angara ice. This is the same one that “… the uniform of English, French epaulets, Japanese tobacco, ruler of Omsk …”, but that is the Liberal Democrats in the state-building which are frenzy forgotten.

This, of course, is telling about Admiral Kolchak, who proclaimed himself “Supreme Ruler of Russia.” His life was tragically ended on February 7th, 1920 in Irkutsk.

Although, of course, Zhirinovskys only look so enthusiastic fools. In reality, this is a very good way to end once and for all with these choices, democracy and others. An import Gosha’s heir of Overseas Territories and giving him residence – lodge in the Kremlin, while it is relentlessly lifelong Supreme.

The latter circumstance, which was told by Anatoliy Nesmiyan cause us the most concern. We have already reported that the “prince Gosh” as popularly called morganatic descendant of Grand Duke Vladimir Romanov, can not claim to the Russian throne.

However, such a formulation of the question is a political point, which once wanted to crank at the end of the 90s in the absence of a successor to Boris Yeltsin. Seriously considering option of bringing Goshi to the throne, who would do the will of the people, who put him in this place. The situation with Vladimir Putin once again remember the “antiquated” ways of transfer of power, which in fact remains in the same hands for life. You do not need to hold an election every four years or six years. The king will reign for life, Supreme Ruler – edit.