Maria Vladimirovna Romanova. Invited nobody Analytics

The history of this issue for a long time. Our publication has repeatedly drawn attention to the self-styled “Empress”, which since the 90s aims to be present in Russian political background. Sometimes she get to do it very successfully.

There are two related points through which Maria Vladimirovna “goes in the avulsion” in comparison with other applicants who have all the rights to the throne.

1. An illiterate and unprofessional approach of the Russian government, headed by B.N. Yeltsin in the 90s on the issue of relations with the House of Romanov. The fact that those living in the XX century, the descendants of the Romanov belonged to the authorities of the USSR and Russia with suspicion and extreme caution. So when there was a question of finding the “official” heir to the Russian throne, the choice fell on the most compliant. Nobody was going to revive Russia’s monarchy and to grant Romanov authority. Yeltsin had to win the support of broad sections of the population, which were then divided between the Communists and monarchists. Monarchist and Conservative groups demanded finding heirs and descendants of the murdered Romanovs. Direct descendants here was no, although in this respect there are many conspiracy theories and outright self-appointed individuals who call themselves “the crown princess Anastasia.” Going on such a deceitful way the authorities did not, but in the search for truth is not too trying. The basis was taken Ads Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, grandfather Maria Vladimirovna, himself as emperor in exile. Accordingly, Maria Vladimirovna, it inherited the imperial title, which, incidentally, did not admit the other descendants. And morganatic marriage Vladimir Kirillovich, the father of Maria Vladimirovna, deprives the latest, and their descendants to claim the Russian throne in accordance with the laws of the Russian Empire.

2. Support from the Russian Orthodox Church. The mutual commitment of church and state to the interaction expressed in this regard. Yeltsin found a descendant and heir to the throne, and the Church canonized Nicholas II and his family. At one point changed attitude toward Romanov among the great mass of the faithful. Now they began to consider the holy martyrs, and this perception fell on now living descendants his face of Maria Vladimirovna. Maria Vladimirovna start regularly come to Russia, where it has a greater honors at the state and the church.

Later on, during the presidency of V.V. Putin attitude to the Romanovs was revised. Maria Vladimirovna came to Russia “traditionally” stop financing her stay. The President drew attention to the Chapter House of Romanov Dmitri Romanovich Romanov. However, Prince Dmitry is not a contender to the throne, and therefore the figure of Nicholas Kirillovich currently stands as the main and consolidating relations between Russia and the Romanov House.

Thus, the self-styled “Grand Duchess” Maria Vladimirovna can not again be House of Romanov in the Russia. Nikolai Kirillovich has every reason to become a link between the Romanovs in the world and the Russian Federation.