Opinion of Ertskantsler of Imperial throne A.A.Bakov in leading the war in Syria with LIH Analytics

The previous brief interview Ertskantsler of Imperial Throne Anton Bakov expressed his own opinion about the sanctions the destruction of products. Today we talked about the unfolding war in Syria with LIH with the active participation of Russia and see what he thinks about this.

– The theme of the war in Syria, which arose immediately after the “Arab Spring”, the Islamist revolution in Egypt and Libya has the same roots. This new religious wars of the XXI century and the migration of peoples are a contributing factor. We all know from history that the migration of peoples and the religious wars led to the reconstruction of society, a breakdown of social systems, political forms. So it was with Ancient Rome, it was Byzantium, it is happening before our eyes. And if in the 5th century movement of peoples took place from north to south, and in the 15th century from the East to the West, in the 21st century begins to move from South to North.

Libya, Syria and other Arab and African regimes proved to be unviable with the collapse of the Soviet Union. For a while they existed at the expense of internal resources, pumping cheap oil, but everything came to an end. These modes are similar in structure to the elite of the Soviet Union failed to develop a system upgrade, the rotation became inadequate to the current economic and social situation. Building democracy on the American model failed, what has been the experience of Iraq. Therefore, the empty space came vultures LIH – the most radical Islamic group in the world. Much can talk about their origins. The important thing is that the LIH – is a carrier of the ideology of religious wars.

West is only now begin to understand the scale of the unfolding events. Terror LIH repeatedly increased the already substantial migration to the North. If you do not stop this process, the West risks if not dissolve the national, the collapsing economically and socially. Europe is not objectively able to apply high social standards for all persons. And outputs can be three. The first – to cancel the social standard, and forget all the meanings that are associated with the word “West”. The second – to isolate newcomers greatly restrict their rights, in fact, contain the ghetto. The third – to prevent their entry into the territory of Europe. While Western leaders are inclined to declare a third way, but until the end do not know how to carry it out. Attempts to fight against the forces of the Iraqi army LIH and aircraft that do not bring bottom line.

In this sense, Russia’s entry into the conflict against Europe LIH at hand. With the participation of Russian troops, they can count on the localization of the conflict zone and reduce the flow of refugees. Is it beneficial to Russia’s hard to say. On the one hand, LIH states of Russia as a country with which it is necessary to wage a war, there is a real threat of a breakthrough of Islamists in Central Asia. On the other side of any war requires sacrifice. We’re not talking about the economic statement that Russia is going to wear during the crisis of the economy. We should not forget the factor of sanctions are not going to cancel even now, so expect to “lend-lease” is not necessary.

Thus, at the moment there are more questions than answers. The political process of war is often used as an excuse for the failure of domestic policy. I believe that the true causes of Russia’s participation must be sought here.