Stanislav Belkovsky told why Trump is popular in Russia Analytics

Stanislav Belkovsky, the chief specialist of the TV channel “Rain” and Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Imperial Throne talked about why one of the US presidential candidates Donald Trump is so popular in Russia. Shows on federal television channels and other media mention him everywhere.

Stanislav Belkovsky told why Trump is popular in Russia Analytics

Stanislav Belkovsky:

In the absence of a genuinely competitive presidential election in Russia, we aspirated and with collective sinking heart watch the election campaign in the United States. Overseas campaign is very interesting for us also because over the past 25 years, we have become accustomed: their global authorities, and our destiny does not so weakly depend on who is on the 8th of November will be the 45th White House owner (Washington, DC, not to be confused with the White house, which is the residence of the Russian government in Moscow).

So far in the primary (so-called primaries and caucuses) of the two major American parties – Democratic and Republican – the leaders are former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (for some reason always want to call her a “widow” of the former US president) and billionaire Donald Trump. I will not ship you with any particularly identify of their main intraparty rivals – the names you already know (remember – Sanders, Cruz, Rubio?) Let’s look at the situation qualitatively, not quantitatively.

Mrs. Clinton – the symbol and embodiment of the systems, the traditional American policy as it is. Who does not want any special revolutions, but only successive changes sagely, even vote for her.

Mr. Trump – the apotheosis of the non-systemic, named for the president’s favorite all-time US-race. Rough, politically incorrect, cutting the plain truth, brutally (in all senses of the word) charming. Do not hesitate to show his money(there is a popular online video of his personal Boeing 757 aircraft, almost the most expensive “business jet” in the world) and the absence of classical taste in art (web interiors of his three-storey New York penthouse).

Official and related Russia likes Trump. He’s very similar to old friend of Vladimir Putin – Berlusconi. Republican favorite – a businessman through and through, and he will be able to negotiate something close to him on the psycho master of the Kremlin. You’ll see if he lifts sanctions or recognize the Russian Crimea. Here, however, there is a clear underestimation of the role of key institutions (not individuals) in the US policy, but Trump performs flourish on the election stage and quite different – what will he do after possible victory if he is limited by institutions and elites.

We don’t like Hillary. It is not real to let her concessions, apparently she will be like Obama menacing roar against recalcitrant Moscow. However, from our opinion the result of the presidential election of the United States, unfortunately or fortunately, does not depend on our thoughts. And what does it depend on? The world – and the US is no exception – entered the Aquarian era when many important cases happend for the first time. For example, in 2008 a black man, Obama, became the US President for the first time. A lot of time our analysts until recently believed that “the White House is not by chance called the white” (c). Accordingly, something the very first happens now. Very likely. Especially if the Republican primaries will be won by Trump, it will motivate many supporters of his party to vote for a Democratic candidate (also almost the first time) or a Jew success (Bernie Sanders, the main rival of  Hillary in Democrat). It is unlikely, when it’s viewed from today. Trump, in this regard, and from this perspective, is not the first from any sides.  Because his chances for the presidency, I think, are low. Maybe I’m wrong, we will see in 8 months.