Stanislav Belkovsky: we should start “deputinization” from ourselves Analytics

Stanislav Belkovsky, the famous political analyst and researcher of Putin’s politics offers his interview from Novosibirsk where he announced several key facts for understanding of modern Russian politics, the nature of power and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

From the same beginning of the interview they spoke about degradation of authoritarian power. Belkovsky supposes that both human life and any other organism have limit of the degradation, the same is with political regime, it also has limit of degradation. Another question is that the whole Putin’s politics was based on “freezing” of these processes. The process of breakup, as we know from biology, in freezing conditions is going much slower. In other words Putin has filled the base of country by liquid nitrogen that is why the breakup is very slow. The limit exists, but it happens not so fast. Some “black swans” are necessary for it to happen – accident events which can’t be foreseen.

Stanislav Belkovsky cosiders that closest “black swans” for Russia are supposed to happen in July and September in this year. “That is all I can say about political forecast”.

Then they spoke about three books of Stanislav Belkovsky. The first of them is “Putin” it will be published only in Germany, Russian variant is not planned. According to Balkovsky’s words the reason was specific people who met him and said: “Look, if you want to live and work in Russia you should not publish this book in Russian”. Belkovsky acknowledged that he has valuated these men’s possibility to shut off his way to Russia and decided not to publish the book in Russian.  We suppose this story will make his book more popular which will come to Russia in electronic variant for sure and will be translated into Russian any way.

Belkovsky: “I was said “don’t do that” and faced the fact: they asked me if I want to live and work in Russia. I want live and work in Russia”.

The idea of Belkovsky’s book named “Zyult” is that women rule the world. It doesn’t mean that they decide human’s fates, it means that ruling men they often unknowingly lead to unexpected and inconvertible impacts. Sometimes women rule the world in the open as Margaret Thatcher and Angela  Merkel, and sometimes – manipulating by men and making show that they don’t dispose anything.

Vladimir Putin from the Belkovsky’s point of view is exception to the rules above. He is actively growing his own loneliness and creates in his imagination robots, centaurs, some mythological figures who must love him.

While these mythological figures don’t have such features which he ascribes to them. Figuratively speaking that means that president Barack Obama is not monster with horning imagined by Putin. This is just American president who came and who will leave. And if we have a look at recent photo of four American presidents living now: father and son Bush, Clinton and Obama – we will see how strange it is from the Russian political sense point of view. Four leaders at the same time. Because in Russia we used to refuse from the leader who has left and for us it is difficult to imagine four former leaders at the same time at the same place.

The next moment  of the interview was about Moscow, which turned to huge redistributive center in last “putin’s” time, and assets from the whole country flow there and then escape to the West.

Belkovsky: “All assets from here are drained and uploaded in Moscow, and then go to the West in transit. In fact, the main base of Russian ruling elite’s interests is situated there”.

Way out from this situation as changes which are necessary for Russia must begin from each person. “Deputinization” should start from ourselves. However, people get used to comfort fast, to  the opportunity to consume, Putin allowed to do this. And while people has illusion that everything can resume its normal course there will be no “deputinization”. As Aleksey Kudrin says there is few time to live left. In 2-3 years reserves will be over and this will cause total fall out of level of life for overwhelming number of Russian citizens.