The image of the future reviewed on the maps of the ancient world Analytics

The economic downturn that has taken place in the modern world, and precedes the acute phase of the crisis, could be interpreted in different ways. Many believe a new crisis planned to a market economy, build optimistic forecasts for the major world indices (Dow Jones, Niccei, DAX) and do not doubt in overcoming it. Of course, technical analysis assumes, actually, endless development of the world economy. And even fundamental factors, such as limited natural resources, or spreads chaos in entire regions, not convince the supporters of this approach in the reverse.

However, if you look at the global economy through the eyes of a detached observer, and to go beyond what is called “modern”, the image of the future does not look so beautiful. There are several reasons. The current capitalist model is the “remake” of the colonial system, i.e. its origins, when European States began to explore overseas territories in Africa, America. In fact, during that period, we created the first large capital, which over time have changed the source of their income, penetrating in the most profitable projects and assets. It was, for example, piracy, trade areas, production of jewelry, drug trafficking, banking.

Colonial same system can not exist without colonies. The last major colonization in this sense, was the transfer of production from Europe, USA, Japan, the countries of the “third world” in the mid-20th century, called globalization in the narrow sense of the word. This was followed by “colonization” of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, by the collapse of the Eastern bloc. At this stage the problem is that there are no areas on the planet Earth is not included in the global economy. The process of colonization is completed, as well as the globalization project, which provides the ideological background. Nothing more to explore in the “wild” lands, and, accordingly, it is impossible to print money for this development in the “countries of the victory of democracy.” Therefore, other experts believe, the crises of our day can not be scheduled, as is broken the plan itself, or the logic of the capitalist system.

Based on these findings, we can assume the following scenario. The global economy will no longer be the world and concentrated in certain regions that are comparable to each other in the total power and can operate autonomously (autarky). The images of these regions have already traced fairly obvious. It is North America and Mexico, the European Union, China, India. And it is not about the state borders and spheres of influence and domination. Within each region, can be isolated territory for certain types of economic activities and people enshrined these territories. In fact, it is the creation of internal colonies on an ongoing basis, the distribution system. Maybe someone would think it looks like the economy of the USSR, but the Soviet economy had a significant difference, which is the presence of constant progress, improving living standards, social mobility, equality in the end.

The image of the future more clearly visible on maps of the Ancient World in the form of empires, there are thousands of years old, with distributing center and producing the province, limiting internal displacement.

That movement or mobility ruined empires of the past, because deprived of the center economic base. Empire of the future, of course, take into account this circumstance, as well many things that have been created in recent times.