The price of living in Europe and Kenya. Reflections after the tragedy in Paris Analytics

On April 2, 2015 during the Easter in Kenya, radical Islamists killed 147 students – Christians. On Friday, November 13, 2015 ISIS militants staged a massacre at several locations in Paris, killing 150 people.

As you can see, these two events are comparable in terms of the number of victims, and the performance of brutality motivated militants. In the first case in Kenya there was a targeted killing of Christians, in the second case, the targeted killing of Europeans. However, the world was silent in the first case, but today it is filled with condolences for the terrorist attack. By posting material, we do not want to belittle the tragedy of Paris, the French and Europeans in general. However, the background information to compare these two similar terrorist acts is very different. What is the reason for this difference?

The price of living in Europe and Kenya. Reflections after the tragedy in Paris Analytics

Historically, that Europe is going through the different periods of its history, but always the heart of European society has its own individuality and exclusivity. The fact is that not every human life in the West deserves recognition and respect. This understanding was emerged in ancient Greece, where the polis device set an example of social life and democracy. Man has the status of a person, a citizen only if he stays in the policy. A person must have slaves, and two-legged animals. All that lies beyond, the policy is called a chaos of people there. The Christian Middle Ages had achieved a lot in terms of equalization and recognition of people in each image of God, regardless of skin color or place of residence. However, later Catholicism, and later Protestantism in all its manifestations has put forward the thesis of God’s chosen ones, and rejection of others. Most of all, this is manifested by the example of the colonization of the western countries of America, Asia and Africa. Slavery was in the United States until the mid XIX century, and hatred of blacks until the end of XX. And if today the US has a black president, and former slaves are able to become full citizens, they have not changed the inhabitants of other continents.

Western mentality, fully inherent in the people of Europe and North America, means the absolute exclusivity and total alienation of some others.

The short era of multiculturalism, which began in Germany after the Second World War and the end of XX century, has spread to all European countries and has been associated with a giant issue of the US dollar and its promotion in the world. Accordingly, the process of globalization was to attract investment for the west of households, brains and capital from all over the World.

This era is coming to an end. Back returns to the rigid division of the European population of the planet on their own and others. To analyze this fact we can compare two bloody terrorist attacks in Kenya and Paris. Russian people will make the right conclusions,for whome in the first place there is no place for Western individualism and a sense of justice.