The real purpose of the story revolves around the Ebola Analytics

A few days ago, a resident of Ghana on behalf of Nana Kwame made a statement that shocked the Internet community. According to Kwame world must see the real purpose behind the hysteria fanned around Ebola, we need to understand what is Ebola.

Here is how Nana Kwame describe what is happening in his own country:

“The people of the Western world must know what is happening here in West Africa. Everything you say – a lie !!! “Ebola” virus does not exist and does not covered.

“Red Cross” is a disease brought in four specific countries on four specific reasons, and the victims of this disease are the only ones who received medical treatment or injection in the “Red Cross”.

That’s why Liberians and Nigerians began to cast out “Red Cross” of their countries and to disseminate accurate information in the news.

Most people immediately think of the “depopulation”, which undoubtedly occupies the minds of the West when it comes to Africa. But I can reassure you – depopulation in Africa can not be achieved by killing the 160 people a day in the countries in which thousands are born every day.

The real reason is much more practical and realistic.

Reason 1: The artificial spread through vaccination disease called “Ebola” was brought to Africa in order to create the conditions for sending troops to Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

It should be recalled that recently America was trying to use the “Boko Haram” with a view to the introduction of troops in Nigeria.

However, the false story of the “Boko Haram” gradually fell apart because the Nigerians began to spread the truth. No girl has never disappeared.

Global support for the military operation gone and required a new reason for sending troops to Nigeria with the aim of taking control of new oil fields in the country.

Reason 2: Sierra Leone is the largest exporter of diamonds in the world.

The last four months of the diamond industry the country is on strike, refusing to mine diamonds until they are improved working conditions and increased wages.

The West is in no hurry to improve working conditions because they require cheap labor, and to work for food handouts from international humanitarian assistance. The troops in Sierra Leone need to force the workers to end the strike.

This is not the first time. Troops have been used to intimidate striking miners, the supply of diamonds recovered, even if it had to kill all the strikers and replace them with a new workforce. However, the use of troops in several countries of the region requires some serious reason, and “Ebola” can become just such a convenient excuse.

Reason 3: In addition to the Nigerian oil and diamond exports from Sierra Leone, the troops needed to enforce vaccination (vaccinating Ebola virus) that part of the African population that is sufficiently aware to try to avoid vaccination. 3,000 soldiers sent to ensure compulsory vaccination, which is necessary for the distribution of “poison.”

The more information related to the lies and manipulation of the United States in the news, such as in Liberia, the more Africans are refused the services of the “Red Cross”.

The troops forced these people to get vaccinated, and provide a convincing picture of “Ebola pandemic.”

Also, they want to protect the troops “Red Cross” from the people of Liberia and Nigeria, who are just trying to throw them out of their countries.

Reason 4: Last, but not least important reason lies in the fact that the artificially created (eg in the US) hysteria “pandemic Ebola” will be used to frighten millions of people and get them to agree to a voluntary vaccination, which, in turn, , has lead to this pandemic, “Ebola”. Already, there are stories about how the virus got to the US, in Dallas, and the white medical workers sick virus were cured, and treatment of black patients are not allowed.

Out of fear that the “cure” for the healing will not be available to them, the black population would seek to be vaccinated. They will lay siege to the clinic and the crowds will be very serious problems.

Ask yourself: if Ebola is so dangerous and can spread easily from person to person and not through a controlled vaccination, why Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the US government blocked the air traffic with the countries in which the raging “epidemic”? Why not at least introduce strict control?

Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, crippled or disabled as a result of this and many other “new” vaccines around the world, and we are finally starting to see what’s really going on. So what do we do with this information?

Born in Liberia, a teacher of American University wrote an article for publication Liberian «Daily Observer», which claims that Ebola is the result of American experiments with biological weapons.

Dr. Cyril Broderick (Cyril Broderick) wrote that “certain areas in Africa, including in West Africa, has long been a testing ground for associated with new diseases, especially with Ebola.

“WHO and some other agencies associated with the United Nations involved in the selection and integration of African countries into the testing program, as well as in the promotion of vaccinations, but using different test modes,” – he continued.

“There are reports, which describes the US Department of Defense funding Ebola tests on humans. The tests, which started just a few weeks before the outbreak of Ebola in Guinea and Sierra Leone “- said in a report« International Business Times ».

Also, it should be noted that the beginning of the Ebola epidemic has coincided with large-scale vaccination in countries affected by the virus.

Vaccination programs are conducted under the auspices of the UN.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies can reap huge profits from the crisis caused by the Ebola virus. Senior military officials, government agencies, as well as the bureaucrats of the United Nations are willing to pay millions of euros for their services in the field of research and development.

Pretty strange coincidence is the fact that the earliest cases of Ebola in Guinea coincided with the three large-scale vaccination campaigns conducted in the country by the World Organization of Health (WHO) and the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF.

Two of these programs have been carried out vaccinations organization “Doctors without Borders» (Medicins Sans Frontieres), while vaccines were produced by the French pharmaceutical corporation «Sanofi Pasteur», the largest shareholder is «Rothschild Group».

Rothschild controlled almost all the central banks in the world and their financial empire is estimated at about 500 trillion dollars. They control everything on this planet, and no doubt they will benefit from this epidemic.

I am not an expert on Ebola, but history has a habit of repeating. That’s my prediction.

In the US, there will be a terrorist attack, or some man-made disaster that will lead to loss of life and further strengthening of the verification regime over the population.

The result will be a catastrophe or epidemic (not necessarily Ebola) or leakage of bio-chemical weapons, which will also cause the epidemic. Perhaps the whole situation is simply staged with the help of the media. In any case, all this will enable the authorities to start vaccination frightened population. Perhaps forcibly.

It will be distributed as Ebola, and in the future, the spread of the virus across the globe will be an occasion for the introduction of troops and the creation of databases in different countries.

All this is part of the Western globalist policies.”