Trends in the development of digital marketing that form priorities for 2018 Analytics

According to Professor Sergey Anokhin, the advent of new technologies and algorithms needs modernization of business development tools, which include social media. The platforms of these media resources are constantly updated, that is why companies should be kept informed of the latest developments. For successful progress of brands marketers monitor the latest trends and put them into effect.

The article describes key trends of social media resources, which will be relevant in 2018.

High-quality video

The most sought-after content in social media is interesting, high-quality video. In 2018, the quantity of such content is projected to increase, regardless of what platforms will be used for development of business. Posting videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms will be a priority.

The following statistics confirms the above information:

  • Each day, on the resource YouTube users view 1 billion hours of video content.
  • The overall time of video, viewed by Facebook users day by day is 8 billion hours.
  • 82% of Twitter users are viewing video content.

At present, there are numerous tools, which benefit marketing teams to implement a company’s strategy. These tools include a variety of video formats, ranging from video in the virtual reality format and ending live streams, thus allowing for specialists to undertake large-scale campaigns in promoting brands.

No less interesting is the fact that the most popular way to view content by users is viewing video via mobile devices. Statistics show that the share accounted for all views on Twitter is 90% of views on mobile devices, on YouTube the amount of this parameter consists 60%. Moreover, 65% of marketers are planning to increase the costs for promotion products through video content over the next few months.

Promotion products via social media influencers has become increasingly effective

As of this moment, social influencer marketing is an effective instrument for business development, which has many advantages. Competing in this marketing sector is high, for this reason the basis for cooperation with top brand influencers in 2018 is building long-term relationships.

At the same time, there’s always chance to win. For instance, in 2016 brand Louis Vuitton lost in the competition. It was sudden, when the company Coach has signed a contract with Selena Gomez, Louis Vuitton’s business partner.

Another important factor of using the above-mentioned tool is authenticity, which is based on constructing organic interrelationship with influencers. Consumers can always determine whether the concept, implemented by marketers, is believable.

The EU’s pursuit on collect personal information

In 2018, the European Union increased their control over companies involved in collecting personal information, so this aspect should be taken more closely. On May 25, 2018, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. It provides for obtaining the agreement of consumer, if a company will collect information about him. Organization will have to report, which data it would collect and how it would be used.

GDPR will affect any company, collecting the data from every EU citizen. It noted from the statistics that European firms are less-prepared to GDPR, compared to the US, — 75% of the total number of organizations against 84%, respectively. If the firm does not meet the required standards, it will have to pay a fine of 4% of global annual turnover or in the amount of $23 million – whichever is higher.

Chatbots have become increasingly relevant

Chatbots have existed for a long time, but with the development of AI, they are becoming technologically perfect, what attracts many brands. This tool is widely used by companies for improving marketing strategy and providing client support service. Chatbots would become even more popular in 2018. According to statistics, currently 61% of consumer-chatbot interactions are focused on client support services, by 2020 such proportions will increase to 85%.

The Millennial generation prefers to interact with organizations by way of chatbots. According to the Retale survey, nowadays the service is used by 58% of Millennials, 71% of Millennials have expressed interest in providing customer support service with the use of chatbots by brands. Therefore, in the not-too-distant future AI assistants will be commonly used tool.

The innovative format of storytelling

Social media “stories”, developed by Snapchat, was now a convenient tool for marketers. Later, Instagram created a similar format Instagram Stories, in YouTube was appeared “Reels”. Each of these products has unique characteristics, but fundamentally these formats are similar. “Stories” is a service that allows capturing the best moments of the day, after some time the records disappear. The technology represents an effective way to demonstrate video content, which is attractive for most users. The proof of popularity of the service is the development of analogues of well-known brands WhatsApp and Facebook, that’s why using of the format would be an effective tool for business development.

New priorities for a company

The aforementioned instruments can lead to an effective strategy, which could allow creating competitive business in 2018. Updating the content offers the opportunity for responding in timely manner to changing consumer preferences and for promoting product.

says Sergey Anokhin