58 Russian army took up defensive positions on the Armenian-Turkish border. Expert Commentary Analytics

The media begins to publish an information about the possible deployment of Russian army units 58 on the Armenian-Turkish border. It called the number of troops – 7 thousand people, which include motorized infantry, tanks, artillery and electronic warfare. Expert from the ITAR-TASS, known blogger Anatoly Nesmiyan (El murid) commented this information in his blog.

58 Russian army took up defensive positions on the Armenian-Turkish border. Expert Commentary Analytics

“Based on the technologies to work in Syria, information from official sources can be expected, after all happen. The population have been made to inform about the ingenious designs of leadership. He prescribed only applaud. So the central television and the main news has it, even if the information is true, they will report on the latest happening.

58 Russian army took up defensive positions on the Armenian-Turkish border. Expert Commentary Analytics

In principle, I, of course, was not surprised. All written: the war in Syria is not the way we would like, big victories are not observed, except those of thousands of command posts, and tens of thousands of strategic sheds valiantly destroyed pinpoint strikes. Quite the contrary: in the minus already well recorded two aircraft and growing conflict with NATO. They forgot about ISIS, Turkey is now the main enemy. Close puzzled questions about the inconsistency of reality and loud promises can already have a familiar method: arranging some brawl in another place. However, now it should be louder than all the previous ones combined. Otherwise it will be difficult to switch immediately.

Television works out its best: from a beating tambourines and drums, blowing drill pipe, calling for holy war against Turkey.

Tomorrow, however, it is possible that Putin and Erdogan will still meet in Paris. Two rabid adventurers have something to discuss – lot of problems (mainly domestic, though different in content), and a small foreign war would not prevent everyone. That’s just whether they need a war with each other – this is still a question.

Perhaps, we will have to do some fighting. Talking about the prospects so far, but a certain skepticism about the prospects of our Drang nach Constantinople I have already expressed. Much more serious leaders of Russia, the Kremlin than the current misunderstanding, at various times worked in this direction, and not too successfully.

The question is – if we and Turkey fluke -will a conflict cover Putin now? Who, steeper than the Turks, then do we have to wage a holy war?

There are, of course, less sinister option – Putin and Erdogan will agree to forget all the claims. On the plane. But the problem still remains. All blows to Russia, behind which was a stand or the US as a state, or some influential forces in the West, have one goal – to drive Russia into the Western coalition against ISIS, the bomb did not “moderate” terrorists, namely ISIS. Naturally, under the watchful guidance of the United States. And, of course, no longer hiding, Assad surrender – which seeks the Western coalition. If Putin and Erdogan  are able to close the topic of our plane, what is the key to this problem? Without solving it, we’ll still get again and again warm greetings”.