World after EU. What would happen after withdrawal of Great Britain from European Union Analytics

The historical event has happened which was considered only as one of possibilities and it was supposed to be not eventual. Much more people and experts were thinking that the Great Britain will stay in EU and this organization will remain united and indivisible for a long time. Today another situation is evident. The Great Britain has left the European Union and it means that definite scenario for future has started, in our previous analytical issue we have pointed separate features of it.

Strategy and geopolitical scenario of disintegration of European Union consists of chaotization of Europe which should start and which will encourage European countries to join the USA as a part of transatlantic integration. It means that Europe should be “weakened” – it should be not just tender to modern global challenges but it should sharply reduce a level and standards of welfare which were developed after Second World War. Hilary Clinton is the nominee for the Presidency in the USA who maintains such opinion.

George Soros, who has made a report in London in a club of Mikhail Khodorkovsky  “Open Russia”, has partly confirmed that development of such scenario was performed by world elite. Soros even didn’t use words of “possibility”, he assured that it would happen in a such way.

The indicial moment of it is that this person has made his report in London, just before the referendum on withdrawal of Great Britain from EU.

There is information about Russia in Soros’s words, about opportunities for our country in the case of European Union break-up. The multibillionaire has pointed that Russia can become a great commonwealth and gather European countries around itself. It should be made with “new power”, on the West Mikhail Khodorkovsky became a personification of such power. He is supported by Europe and the USA, he has contacts with Hilary Clinton and her future administration. Why do we not suppose that Donald Trump can become a President of the USA? Because very serious vote for Clinton was given by Great Britain citizens. They have chosen a strategy of Europe break-up which was maintained by Hilary Clinton. Nowadays power in Russia is considered as something old and inadequate to future world order. Mikhail Khodorcovsky personally claimed several times that from previous team he would leave Dmitry Medvedev and Aleksey Kudrin.

Withdrawal of Great Britain form European Union has caused such appeals to begin in France and Spain. And if nationalists are acting in France, left socialists are appealing in Spain to save the country from standards and rules of EU.

Of course Germany will not leave the EU, all these years it was the main beneficiary of integration. In fact the European market supported the growth of economics of Germany and the break-up of European Union means an impact on German industry. However loosing the Great Britain, France and Spain the European Union will be weak to influence the world economics and policy.

What place can take Russia in fact at this “feast of life”? If we try to grasp the meaning of Soros’s words about future greatness of Russia, it would happen only in the case if Russia occupies place of one of European leaders, for example, France or Germany. It is impossible in nowadays circumstances. Russia is even not able to fill the market of European Union by its goods, China prevails in each of these countries both in consumer’s and industrial sectors. What to say about giant European market when our production is much uncompetitive even to China.

World after EU. What would happen after withdrawal of Great Britain from European Union Analytics

Russia needs fast modernization, neoindustrialization which will provide the product of world standards to our country, and if we want to become a leader, this product must be above these standards. The speed of implementation of innovations in technology chains is too high nowadays. The only Bosch company is daily registering several new unique devices and implementing them in its production. This is the meaning of words “modernity” and “leadership”