“Democracy in Russian” after Anton Bakov. The new longread from “Ustav” Aristocracy

Anton Bakov is not only the main monarchist of the country. Also he is a writer, the author of some works about the nature of power in Russia and in the world. In his last work about democracy in Russia, the Highness Prince Anton Bakov decided to comprehend a democratic tradition of modern Russia through understanding of democracy of French liberal philosopher of XIX century Alexis de Tocqueville. The Tocqueville’s work name is “About democracy in America”.

Anton Bakov’s work name is “Democracy in Russian”.

“Democracy in Russian” after Anton Bakov. The new longread from “Ustav” Aristocracy

This book is still considered as a classics  of a democracy theory, it is read by philosophers and political experts.  The book “About democracy in America” provided the basis of modern vision of United States of America and also of democratic organization of society. One can say that modern western world lives according to legacy of French philosopher.

The first part of the Anton Bakov’s work about democracy in Russia opens modern vision about what could be in our country if “evil will” of usurpers disappears and our civil society brings into the world the democracy of Russian example.  Who knows, probably Bakov is a person who will become a new classicist of this theory and his work will be included in the “must-read” list.  New longread of Yekaterinburg web magazine Ustav.com is about the first part of A. A. Bakov’s work “Democracy in Russian”: