Marquise de Pompadour Aristocracy

“Dangerous power when her conscience in the quarrel”

Shakespeare U.

Influential Marquis

Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson born in the family of financiers, in fact, from the third estate. Her father, francois Poisson, speculated on the black market, but in 1725 went bankrupt and fled to France, leaving his wife and children in the care of Lenorman de Turney. Thanks to this man, the girl received the education that befits the wife of an aristocrat: she knew the music, drew, sang, played on the stage, recited.

Adoptive father chose her husbands own nephew and heir, Charles Guillaume (1717-99), owner imediation near Paris. The wedding took place in 1741, at the Paris Church of Saint Eustache. Three years later the couple had a girl named Aleksandrina (died 1754).

Familiarity with the king

Beauty and lively mind young Madame d Atial made his fame in the Metropolitan society, it sought to explore himself Voltaire. She spent time in the company of brilliant young people. It was kept in mind Joseph Paris, an old friend of her father. Looking for a way to rise after the death of cardinal Fleury, he was able to present the beauty of king Louis XV, who had recently lost my favourite of the Duchess de Chateauroux.

In the night from 25 to 26 February 1745 in the Mirror gallery was given yew ball on the occasion of the marriage of the Dauphin. The courtiers wore costumes yew trees, the king himself was in the mask, Jeanne-Antoinette arrived in the costume of the goddess of the hunt. Already noticed that the king does not wish to communicate with anyone except the beautiful stranger. Three days later they met again at a ball in the city hall.

Marquise de Pompadour Aristocracy   Being a favourite of the king the Marquis de Pompadour contributed to the development and promotion of culture.

Soon Madame d Atial took the vacant seat official mistress. In Versailles at her disposal were provided with several rooms, located directly above the Royal chambers and connected to it by a secret staircase. In July, the king gave her the estate Pompadour in the Limousin region, together with the title of the awning. After receiving a lucrative sinecures husband gave her the divorce.

A year later, the king gave his girlfriend a plot of the Versailles Park with an area of 6 hectares, where was erected a modest Hermitage. After 2 years the Marquise de Pompadour acquired close to manor house La Selle. It was a staff of maids. In relation to the Queen Mary Leszczynski she behaved emphasized respectful.

Participation in public Affairs

The Marquise de Pompadour on the observations of historians replaced Secretary to Louis XV and represented in its relations with outsiders, there is no reason to assume that decisions were taken whatever it was for the king.

Around 1750 the Marquis on the advice of the doctors stopped to spend the night in the bedroom of the king. Since then, their relationship wore a Platonic nature. She moved from the attic apartments are more spacious and took in the capital luxurious hotel d Evreux. For the promotion still had to go to her personally. The Marquis knew all court receptions and entertainment.

France’s foreign policy in the mid-eighteenth century did not lead to the strengthening of its position in the international arena. The Marquis de Pompadour was removed cardinal Bernis from the Ministry of foreign Affairs, appointing him instead of his favorite, the Duke of Choiseul, and he persuaded the king to the Alliance with Austria, which meant a revision of the age-old principles of European foreign policy.

Marquise de Pompadour Aristocracy   Voltaire was one of those who moved in the yard thanks to the Marquis.

Inflamed then the Seven years ‘ war was for France failed. It is known that the Marquis had been raised to the commanders of the Duke of Richelieu, despite his bad reputation. News of the defeats on the battlefields strengthened its melancholy. Soon after the war, she died, presumably from lung cancer. One of her last acts was the review of the case of Jean Calas, which insisted Voltaire.

According to contemporaries, Louis over time so distanced from Jeanne-Antoinette that took the news of the death of “precious friend” indifferently. She was only 42 years old. Farewell to the Marquise held in her Versailles mansion. She was buried beside his mother and daughter in the crypt of the convent des Capucines, which was located on the site of the place Vendome.

But a greater contribution Madame Pompadour made in art. Her favourite style was the Rococo. She patronized Francois Boucher and other representatives of this direction is painters, sculptors, etc. Her brother the Marquis de Marigny was in charge of all construction work, which was carried out at public expense.

Under his leadership created ensembles square Louis XV and military school on the Champ de Mars, the Petit Trianon, a new wing of the residence at Fontainebleau, rebuilt almost the entire Compiegne Palace. The Marquise de Pompadour and myself led a large construction works in various manors and estates, including the Bellevue Palace.

Marquise de Pompadour Aristocracy   Image awnings became one of the favourite in the culture. Her name is immortalized in painting, literature, cinema.

King Louis was indifferent to literature, but the Marquise de Pompadour knew in her life. In her inner circle was composed of writers Duclos and Marmontel. Old Crebillon she rescued from poverty by giving him the post of librarian. She stood up for the Encyclopaedists and “Encyclopedia”. Voltaire admired it.

Madame Pompadour went down in history as one of the influential ladies. She became an example of how the mistress can not only please the king, but to be useful to the state.

“External beauty is even more precious when covers internal. The book, the Golden clasp which closes the gold content, acquires a special respect”

W. Shakespeare