Kiribati traditional medicine saves two terminal cancer patients Aristocracy

A seventy years old Kiribati woman namely Ms Tebukabane, expert in traditional medicine, has unilaterally declared herself winner over western trained doctors and their western made drugs. Her declaration followed her success in curing two terminal cancer patients who had been discharged from the national hospital after their return from overseas referral.

As reported in a back issue of this KV newspaper, the Kiribati traditional medicine is practised by certain families who are known to have the knowledge and the magical power to cure any illness that cross their paths. For every disease known to them there is a plant or animal cure and there is a ritual or procedure to follow. Where a completely new disease crops up a prescription in a dream would fill in the gap. They are gifted in identifying the kind of illness that a patient is having by the use of their hands and especially the palm and fingers.

A patient who returned from India some weeks ago with a discharge note from the cancer experts there saying that she was suffering from an advanced form of cancer in the abdomen which cannot be reversed despite two huge cross shaped surgical scars on both sides of her stomach. She was suffering severe pain at the time she was seen by this elderly looking female traditional doctor. Tebukabane diagnosed the patient’s condition with the use of her hand and quickly concluded that the pain was not from a cancerous tissue but from some organs in the abdomen not lying properly in their places which has caused irritation to the nerves in that part of the body.

She went about gently massaging, pushing and dragging the affected organs until they fitted back into position. Suddenly the patient felt the pain subsiding a little. Tebukabane then performed a pain killing ritual which involved the plucking out of pain from the paining part and throwing it at the direction of the sun. Ten to fifteen minutes later the bed patient was up on her feet walking about her house completely recovered and back to what she was like long before she fell ill and referred to India. Tebukabane’s second patient, a male in his sixties, has also recovered from the pain and related discomforts although through a slightly different pathway. Three weeks ago he returned from the Fiji Referral Hospital after doctors there decided it was too late for him to receive chemotherapy treatment of cancer in Taiwan. He called on Tebukabane to help him with the severe pain he had suffered for more than two months for which morphine treatment was no longer effective. He could not eat solid food, he could only take a few spoons of liquid food at a time. He was getting weaker and weaker each day. Tebukabane diagnosed the patient’s condition and again found that some organs had been wrongly placed which she massaged back into place. She then took away the pain with the “sun ritual” and that enabled the patient to lie flat on his back for the first time in two months. She examined why Tabare was not eating much.

Kiribati traditional medicine saves two terminal cancer patients Aristocracy

She found him suffering from what she calls a U-tongue disease. Using her two forfingers, she massaged the patient’s tongue with ordinary water for about 30 minutes. The patient was able to eat more food and began to take in more solid food and stopped taking morphine tablets. She has dismissed the existence of cancer altogether. She attributes the serious condition of the patient and the acute pain not to a cancerous condition but to the wrongful orientation of some internal organs coupled with the U-tongue disease. The patient has not yet fully recovered but his condition is rapidly improving.