Pseudo Romanovs are disappointed how they were met in Crimea Aristocracy

Not so long ago Imperor informed about impostors to come to Crimea – Maria Vladimirovna Romanova who names herself “Her Majesty Great Duchess” with her son George. Events in Crimea had to continue hyping the name of Maria Vladimirovna as she has been doing for many years.

In previous article we have pointed couple of statements of Maria Vladimirovna and illiteracy of Russian mass media which described this matter. Earlier we have pointed the reason why Maria Vladimirovna is so popular among Russian authorities. To be more exactly, she was popular, as currently there is absolute indifference to her person not only from Russian political leaders but from regional authorities also. In particular the “Great Duchess” was very disappointed by negligence to her visit of Crimean prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya who appeared on the “Immortal Regiment” action with the icon of the Emperor Nicholas II.

Though in very deed according to opinion of all the representatives of Romanovs’ House and according to information from most of historians the only thing Maria Vladimirovna can estimate is duchess title.

However political circumstances encouraged the fact that she has been playing the role of “Empress” in Russian audience for a quarter of century. And the Romanov family Association and other August Households who are reigning now and are not reigning already do not see the former princess Hohenzollern as “their own”. You will never see “Maria I” at the Buckingham Palace parties but former King of Greece Konstantin I who had really reigned – for sure. The irony of it is that all these titles of Maria Vladimitorvna de facto were recognized only by Russian leaders. And the news is that this fancy ball is coming to the end.


As Crimean spectators assure the current visit of Maria Vladimirovna was largely advertized. You can read on the State Council of the Crimea Republic web site that “during the visit to Crimea the Imperial family will take part in the opening of the monument to Nicholas II in Yevpatoriya , will visit Sevastopol, Balaklava, Bakhchisarai there they will held couple of meetings with religious clerics and will see historical and cultural sights. Besides Great Duchess and her Crown Prince son George will visit Memorial complex “Concentration lager “Red” and Aleksander Nevsky cathedral  in Simferopol, will talk to Republic’s leaders and on final press conference on 19th May will share their impressions to journalists”. It is interesting that “Russian newspaper” has published much more extended program with much longer list of officials.

While meeting the “honored host” the member of Federation Council of Crimea Republic Sergey Tsekov has pointed: “There were lots of changes since your last visit to Crimea. Now being joined to Russian Federation the Republic is being changed fast”. We should point that senator Sergey Tsekov was the most high-ranking politician to meet Maria Romanova. As it is said, she had turned her attention on it, as earlier the head of region or province had taken part in such events. But Sergey Aksenov was demonstratively absent. Except Sergey Tsekov there were Deputy Speaker of Crimean Parliament Andrey Kozenko and the head of the committee of the State Council of Crimea Republic on State Building and Local Government Yefim Fiks.  Metropolitan Lazar of Crimea was represented by archpriest Ioann Shimon, the senior priest of one of Simferopol churches – this was outstanding circumstance. Usually “Her Majesty” was met by Primate himself.

The meeting much differs from the last-year visit of the Duke of Imperial Blood Dmitri Romanovich Romanov, the Head of the Romanov Family Association and his wife Duchess Feodora Alekseevna. Then the oldest Romanov in the August family was met by Vice-Premier Dmitry Polonsky who shared with Duke welcoming words from the Head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. All central and regional TV channels telecasted each step of the ducal couple which, so to tell, pretends nothing besides the opportunity to spend holidays in Crimea once per year. By the way Dmitri Romanovich does not appeal for the monarchy restoration: “Neither I, nor the rest Romanovs do not pretend to anything – only to the right to be useful for Russia”.

The first serious trouble for Maria Vladimirovna was absence of any officials of Crimea Republic on the opening and dedication ceremony of the Nicholas II bust. The only famous person was Sergey Stepashin who is current Chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society who mostly assisted to the memorial opening. Everybody expected to see the Crimean Prosecutor on the bust opening, who was born in Yevpatoria, Natalia Poklonskaya, the big fan of the martyr emperor. But she also didn’t come. And there were no meeting with Sergey Aksenov – till present at least. And that is the most important for Maria Vladimirovna.

Pseudo Romanovs are disappointed how they were met in Crimea Aristocracy   “Duchess” Maria Vladimirovna and the President of Russian Publisher Association Sergei Stepashin on the opening ceremony of Nicholas II memorial. Photo: Aleksey Pavlishak/TASS

“The problem is that there can be no official status of such visit. The only state which recognized the right of “kirillovich” for the throne – Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, – Igor Ryabov, the head of expertgroup “Crimean project” comments. – All the rest descendants of Romanovs also do not recognize the right of Maria Vladimirovna for the succession to the throne. And some members of Romanov family openly despise the “kirillovich” branch for the collaboration with Nazi”. And we will add: for revolutionary enthusiasm of pseudo empress’s grandfather, Great Duke Kirill Vladimirovich who was the first from the Imperial family members to violate an oath to Tsar and to come on the State Duma side with red bow”

As spectators assure while preparing for visit to Crimea leaders of “Romanov Imperial House” insisted on their official status recognition. Maria Vladimirovna wished to be called “Your Imperial Majesty” on all the events. There were rumors that one of the “empress” visit aims was a choice of the official residency in Crimea. Pseudo Empress has really big appetite: it is informed that she would like to own historical monument of Russia – Livadia Palace. Talks about giving “special national status” to Maria Vladimirovna family, consisting of herself and her 35-years son, who is still unmarried, have been lasting for more than 20 years. When Boris Yeltsyn was a president of Russia and Yuriy Luzhkov was a mayor of Moscow in press the residency – country estate Kuzminki, where restoration work were held in mid 90s, has been seriously offering. The social anger won and in 1997 the museum was organized in the country estate and in the park.

Now the question is: why nobody from Romanov Imperial family and European Royal persons does not recognize Maria Vladimirovna rights and republican, democratic politicians of new Russia are glad to call her at least “Your Majesty” – title for which she has no rights also. There are a lot of literature about this case, that is why we will call the main reason.

Why are they  impostors?

Firstly. Great Duke Kirill Vladimirovich was denied the right of succession to the throne for the marriage without permission with the Princess of Edinburgh Victoria-Melite, who was divorced and didn’t accept the Orthodoxy. Later when his wife has accepted the Orthodoxy, the question of succession to the throne was not finally solved. There is no empire, throne, crown – there is no emperor also. Only crowned but dethroned monarch is able to keep this title, but he has no right to give even titles of nobility. That is why Kirill Vladimirovich was not able to announce himself as the emperor being in emigration, and his descendants – the son Vladimir Kirillovich and granddaughter Maria Vladimirovna could not be inheritors of what has been not existed.

Secondly. Marriages between Imperial family members must be of equal genus. And Vladimir Kirillovich took “wrong” wife –some Leonida Georgievna Bagration of Mukhrani. There was a story that she probably has been a descendant of Georgian tsars. But everybody knew that Bagration of Mukhrani family belonged to the secondary line of the royal genus and was not equal to Russian Imperial family. So in 1911 the marriage of duchess of imperial blood Tatiana Konstantinovna with duke Konstantin Aleksandrovich Bargation of Mukhrani (the relative of Leonida Georgievna) was evaluated as morganatic and Tatiana Konstantinovna had to refuse from the rights for the throne that was compulsory for everybody who was getting married with not equal genus.

Besides, the bride’s mother must also have royal blood. And that one was some pani Elena Sigizmundovna Zlotnitskaya, Polish small noblewoman. And “Maria I” was trying to charm Russian society by this “movie” like Ilf and Petrov for so long. Short marriage with German Prince Franz Wilhelm Hohenzollern (in orthodoxy – Mikhail Pavlovich) has brought the “inheritor” – current “crown prince” George Mikhailovich. The Romanov family Association expressed their opinion on this case: “Romanov family association is claiming by this, that happy event in Prussian Royal house has no relation to Romanov family association as the new-born prince is neither member of Romanov imperial house nor member of the Romanov family” Also it announced: “All dynastical questions can be solved only by great Russian people on the Russian earth”.

Why our politicians are taking care of this suspicious family for a quarter of century? Why lots of private  money have been spent for this “family”? No, this is not a complex of tenderness of common people – United Russia party members from the imperial greatness brilliance. This is not a new variant of adventure story of XXI century like “Golden calf”. This is just politics. It is supposed that major part of country political elite has if not a plan “B” but plan “C” which includes this story. Taking  into account the nostalgia on natural monarchy having been lost by Russians and using love of orthodox people to last emperors, in the case of unforeseen events which can be caused by peculiarities of democratic regime, it would be possible to start “Reconstruction” of Russian monarchy with necessary and powerful Prime Minister. Dare us to suppose that at present there is no need in this variant