St Edward’s Crown Aristocracy

Now comes to the climax of the Coronation when the Archbishop places St Edward’s Crown on the Sovereign’s head and the Sovereign is acclaimed by the congregation. St Edward’s Crown is made of gold and is very heavy, weighing an once under 5 lb (2.3 kg);. It’s set with semi- precious stones which are of no great significance as it was one of the crowns which used to be re-set with stones for each Coronation.

St Edward’s Crown Aristocracy   Elizabeth II in St Edward’s Crown

The stones were hired from a jeweller and returned afterwwards, leaving the crown to be set with crystals for display. The present stones were set in the Crown in 1910 for King George V’s Coronation and have remained ever since.

The Crown dates from the Coronation of King Charles II but records show that it was an old crown refurbished. It is highly probable that it was one of three old crowns held at Westminster Abbey before the Cromwellian Commonwealth . From records of the costs and weight it is possible that at least the lower half of the Crown may have been that of King Edward the Confessor, the alterations being centred on the arches.