The book by Archchancellor Anton Bakov “Democracy in Russian” was published Aristocracy

Work of Archchancellor of Imperial Throne Highness Prince Anton Bakov “Democracy in Russian. Notes of former USSR citizen” is published and it can be bought on the web site of Ridero publishing house.

Before it Imperor published information about longreads dedicated to Anton Bakov’s work. Longreads were prepared by Yekaterinburg web magazine and described different parts of a big book about democracy and democratization in modern Russia.

The book by Archchancellor Anton Bakov “Democracy in Russian” was published Aristocracy

Longreads correspond to the idea and structure of the work. First longread is about understanding of democratic tradition of modern Russia through understanding of democracy of the French liberal philosopher of XIX century Alexis de Tocqueville.

The book by Archchancellor Anton Bakov “Democracy in Russian” was published Aristocracy

Second part of the book by Anton Bakov was divided into two longreads logical by its content. As far as the second part is about soviet and Russian political leaders who touched upon the democracy in Russian, became its direct participants, the second longread in greater degree is about leaders of the soviet epoch – Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and others. These people are joined by ideals and their negation who dated to XX century. In XXI century their role was minimal or they were died already to this time.

Third longread is continuation of the second part of the Anton Bakov’s work “Democracy n Russian”. This time surnames of famous political leaders of modern Russia found their place in this book. These are both Vladimir Putin and Boris Nemtsov and Anatoly Chubais. There is also Egor Gaydar in third longread as the work he was engaged, mainly continues living till present.

As it is said on the editor’s web site, “in this book the famous politician generalizes his 20-years parliamentary and electoral experience. Bakov describes former-Soviet society which differs from traditional class society and pretends democracy development in Russia. In the first part of book the author controverts with traditional work “Democracy in America” by Alexis de Tocqueville. In the second part he tells the history of democratization in Russia by drawing portraits of this process participants many of which – from Gorbachev to Nemtsov – Bakov knew personally”.

The book by Archchancellor Anton Bakov will be interesting for everybody who lived or not in the epoch called “ninetieths”. “Democracy in Russian” opens the curtain of Russian politics which is fast closing and sacralizing in our days. Anton Bakov managed to convey the spirit of freedom of 90s. Because period of 90s is a dream for everybody, it is the cradle of modern Russia. One wants to come back there to live this time once again without mistakes. You can buy the book “Democracy in Russian” on the publishing house web site