The Trumpets Aristocracy

There are sixteen State Trumpets, of which only ten are on display. Of solid silver they have not been used since the middle of the last century when the Corps of civilian State Trumpeters was disbanded as an economy measure by the Duke of Wellington.

Trumpet – Brass instrument alto-soprano register, the highest among the sounding brass.

As a natural trumpet signaling tool used since ancient times, some from the XVII century became part of the orchestra. With the invention of the mechanism of valve tube was full chromatic scale and mid XIX century became a full-fledged tool for classical music. The tool has a bright, brilliant tone is used as a solo instrument in the symphonic and chamber orchestras, as well as jazz and other genres.

The trumpets used today are of silver plate. Some of them date from the period between 1780 and 1848. They cannot be played with their present mouth pieces, which are drilled and not properly fashioned.

The original mouth pieces were retained by the trumpeters as their personal property, according to tradition. At a Coronation, the trumpeters come from the Household Cavalry, using their own instruments.