What do presidents drive? Cars of Heads of States Articles

Not long ago, our website has reported an information on a possible project to build a car for the President of Russia “board number 1”, called “Monomakh”. What is the future of the car, time will tell, but for now we offer a selection of the most famous cars, which the heads of states usually drive.


What do presidents drive? Cars of Heads of States Articles

«Mercedes Pullman» Russian president length of 6.2 m and weighing about 3 tons. By car, Putin set a 6-liter V12 engine with 400 hp Watch what is happening behind the limo help built into the trunk of a video camera. Communication systems and car security held in the strictest confidence. Armor of this machine is capable of withstanding fire from firearms and grenade explosions, and after the attack machine retains the ability to move around. «Pullman» is not just covered with armor, it consists of armor. Broneliste – part of the power structure of the body. That is, not only the armored body, but also the entire structure.

On board there is a fire extinguishing system and the system of protection against attacks with poison gas. And all the electrical «Pullman» is able to withstand high power microwaves. Presidential minibus «Mercedes Sprinter» is a unique machine, such in the world. To move around the country, our president prefers the spacious car, as “on the way” and working in it, and even hold meetings.

That constructed for him «Sprinter», which can accommodate up to 8 people at once, except for protection. Outwardly «Sprinter» almost does not differ from other similar machines. Well, maybe a meter long. But the interior is equipped with a unique way, equipped with «Mercedes Sprinter» is not in Germany, and one of the Russian companies. There is a minibar, a small fridge, a folding coffee table. Of course, communication. Convenient shelves for newspapers, magazines and even disks DVD, which recorded TV news digests. Compact and slim TV that retracts into the ceiling via the multifunction keypad.


What do presidents drive? Cars of Heads of States Articles

Company car US President Barack Obama, nicknamed “The Beast» (The Beast) – not just a luxury limousine class; it may be called thus reinforced and protected in the world. 20-cm armor doors, 12-centimeter window armor can withstand direct shots from large-caliber weapons. In the event of a chemical attack has oxygen tanks. You can also find guns, tear gas, guns for protection, as well as the capacity of blood for transfusion President. “The Beast” made of General Motors pickup truck platform GMC TopKick, weighs more than eight tons, its length – 5.5 m. The gas tank of the car is protected and isolated from the outside world. Fuel consumption is huge – 3 liters of diesel per 10 km. A car travels the world with his owner. For its transportation used specially equipped transport aircraft C-17 Globemaster. In addition, Obama’s arsenal there are several clones of “the Beast”, presumably for $ 300,000 each.


What do presidents drive? Cars of Heads of States Articles

Her choice of the German Chancellor is doing in favor of the representative of the domestic automotive industry, which cost up to € 160 500 can not be attributed to the Audi A8 car models from the budget segment, but also in comparison with the machines of heads of other countries, it is in a certain sense, even a modest vehicle for such an influential player on the world political arena. However, a modest home in Angela Merkel did not want to change their own principles and opted for the serial production of the German sedan.

However, only outwardly apparent “simplicity” of the car – a deceptive phenomenon, in fact it is not a “normal” looks like from the outside. In fact, the machine has an armored body, which is able to withstand not only the impact of the bullet, but the grenade explosion. If someone wants to chase the car Merkel is likely if it’s not a sports car, Audi A8 overtake the German leader it is unlikely, because under the hood of the car mounted powertrain with six-cylinder power of 450 hp reaches . Interior Audi A8 is expensive, but in excess it is not observed, only the options and tools specific to the executive class cars, in particular – the mobile office as well as a refrigerator and a minibar.

United Kingdom

What do presidents drive? Cars of Heads of States Articles

Armored Vehicle British Queen – Bentley worth $ 16 million. Bentley is one of two state limousines owned by Queen Elizabeth II. They are the only ones ever to create a vehicle for such a project and are estimated at 10 million pounds. The first machine was handed over to the Queen by Bentley in 2002 as a gift for her birthday. Elizabeth II was so pleased with the machine that she ordered the same second. In 2009, two vehicles were converted to run on biofuels.


What do presidents drive? Cars of Heads of States Articles

Approximately the same practice in France. The President has a choice of three vehicles, until recently it was “Citroen C6”, “Vel Satis Renault” and “Peugeot 607”. And here the main role played by personal preferences: Jacques Chirac has often traveled to the “Reno”, while Nicolas Sarkozy (and maybe his wife?) Stopped the view of “Citroen”.

Much more original is selected inaugural crew – so, in the construction of the office of Sarkozy company “Peugeot” pulled from the store made one-off outdoor concept car ‘607 Paladin “in 2000. It is said that it’s insisted on the future president to say: how much can be used for parades vintage convertibles based on “Citroen-SM», built in the 1970s! We must look to the future. The current president, Francois Hollande, followed the example of its predecessor and also scored when choosing a machine for the inauguration – he defile in the hybrid diesel-electric “Citroen-DS”.


What do presidents drive? Cars of Heads of States Articles

Popemobile – the informal name of a specially designed vehicle for public visits of the Pope. The main requirement for this vehicle – safety, combined with the ability to see the Pope. This is very different car brands. In the US, for example, during a recent visit, the Pope moved on a small car Fiat.

June 6, 2007 during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in his open white Fiat tried to jump the 27-year-old German citizen. Pope did not hurt, and probably did not even notice how the intruder about jumped the fence and tried to go to cling popemobile. At least eight security officers prevented the offender and knocked him to the ground. The man was detained by police Vatican and sent to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

In 2011, a resident of the German city saw that the Pope Benedict XVI rides in his “popemobile” a restraint. The incident occurred in the city of Freiburg during the September visit of the Pontiff to Germany. According to the complainant, the pontiff endanger not only his own lives but also the health of others. Soon after the complaint was rejected because the risk of accidents has been reduced to a minimum.