75 years ago the Great Patriotic War began History

On 22 June the Great Patriotic War began, the most bloody in the history of our country, which has taken lives of 27 million our citizens, has removed the USSR from peaceful life and economical grow for several years. Victims of every participant of this war have broken people’s consciousness, as well they have changed the society. They “broke” the Europe.

The Great patriotic War has the most important value for the whole mankind and world order of XX century. Russia has taken the main fall of Nazism – the ideology to be grown up by western world from late XIX century.  Nazism firmed up and was materialized in Germany, where it found a fertile ground after the First World War. Joining to Italian fascism and being supported by Anglo-American financing this military-ideological machine has destroyed weak regimes around itself first (Poland, Czechoslovakia and France) and then it moved to the East.

So called Munich Betrayal of 1938 became a key moment which helped events to be developed in a way they happened, a Western world agreed for Hitler’s conditions and it didn’t condemned the division of Czechoslovakia as well as supported it.

The same time the USSR existed in condition of “western sanctions” on ideological reasons. On the West “Comintern” was considered to be almost terrorist organization and the apprehension of our country after revolution of 1917 was the same as our current apprehension of ISIS (forbidden in Russia). That is why a variant where a volunteer (Hitler) appears in Europe, who hates both Jewish and communists, who decided to destroy the USSR as a center of communist ideology – was much lesser evil. It is not surprisingly that Germany was getting “green light” everywhere up to September of 1939.

However Hitler in his giddy success has broken plans of his “investors”. He has signed a nonaggression treaty with USSR and divided Poland with it. Of course, he was never forgetting about his plans to attack our country but he was going to make it in his own way.

In fact Hitler established something like “European Union” – a group of European countries which have united market, united industrial chains and cooperation. All these countries had either friendly regimes or puppet government. For example, a government of Vichy in France, close to Nazism regimes in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Nazi Italy, Franco’s dictatorship in Spain, couple of collaborationist regimes (for example in Finland). Other territories were gobbled up (Norway, Denmark)

The whole united Europe prepared for an attack on our country. And it was not just united, it was militarized since First World War. It has kept a large mobilization potential of the population which was taught to an art of war.

We can talk a lot who was guilty and what had to be done not to allow such outcome. Opinions are divided. However the result is the one – our country has handled the most powerful blow for the whole history, destroyed the Nazism, millions of prisoners of concentration camps were discharged at the expense of our peoples’ life, and Europe got an opportunity to live.