An old story in a new way History

It’s not a secret, that the human heart, the brain and the mind are controled by the one great feeling – love. It’s peculiar  to everybody, regardless of their social status, nationality or religion.

Almost every one of us read the fairy tale of Cinderella, who won the heart of Prince. Whether there exists in real life? British monarchs, for an example, proved that not only Prince can fall in love with Cinderella, but sh has the same ability.

The royal family is a prime example of how love can go through the disapproval and condemnation of separation. This is what we would like to tell you, starting with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

68-year story

Elizabeth II, as a perfectly ordinary girl in her 25 years would never have started thinking about who she will become: a  symbol of the UK and give England a beautiful royal family. It all started back in 1936, when the British throne was taken by George VI. The reason for this is a novel of his ruling brother Edward VIII, who had gone to an American.

In the fifties, the British monarchy was in crisis, and the sudden death of George VI forced to ascend the throne of his 25-year-old daughter, Elizabeth II. The events in the shortest time changed the life of simple girl, adding royal duties.

Having ascended to the throne, every day the Queen was engaged in charity work, meetings, visits, and so on. Well, what about privacy?

Years passed, and the 30-year-old Elizabeth II and could not find a life partner. However, the fate didn’t make her seek,because she knew her future husband from childhood.

Even in the younger years, Prince Philip of Edinburgh was acquainted with his future wife. However, to know each other better, they could only back in 1939, when Queen Elizabeth II has finally noticed how handsome was Philip. He received an excellent education at the Naval College at Dartmouth.

The war separated the two lovers. Philip went to the front. Young people were sending each other letters and during a romantic summer 1946th year Philip proposed her. Young Elizabeth II agreed even without the consent of her parents.

A year later, all the UK celebrated the wedding of Elizabeth II and Philip. The ceremony was entirely appropriate to the status of royal newlyweds. Five-meter veil, dress decorated with jewels and family tiara told the world: “This wedding will remember forever”.

The newlyweds enjoyed every minute of each other. They led an active social and public life, even when Prince Philip went into the service, exemplary wife followed him. Soon their first daughetr, Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, was born.

However, the fate prepared for Elizabeth a hard test. In 1952, her father died – George VI. Prince Philip showed all his understanding and support to his wife. That is why she was able to survive this time of her life.

It is worth noting that life, especially family, can not flow smoothly. Elizabeth II  already at a young age was tough and warlike nature, but being with Philip, she became submissive wife and mother of three children: Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise, Prince Charles, Andrew and Edward.

British media very often recall a story that happened when the royal couple was just beginning to learn the difficulties of family life. Once the couple arrived in Hampshire. That evening, the car drove Philip. Cornering he was very sharp and careless what got disapproving sighs of his wife. Unable to stand, he said that if this happens again, he will drop the young  Elizabeth in the middle of the road. Oddly enough, then the Queen of Great Britain dutifully agreed, saying that she is so well aware of her husband, which is absolutely convinced that he would not be ashamed to do this, even with his own wife.

As a result, we can draw the following conclusions: Queen – domineering nature, which controls the whole country. She has a lot of royal duties. But, for any Queen there is someone who will be able to tame her anger, to give the necessary advice and support in difficult situations. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for her whole life had no intrigue, no divorce, no loud quarrels. But she chose the right partner in life, relying on their intuition and without fear of censure parents.

An old story in a new way History   Wedding of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Tricks of fate

As expected all the United Kingdom, Prince Charles had to repeat a happy family life of his mother Elizabeth II. But children do not always follow the instructions of their parents.

No one can ignore the fact that the royal status helped Princess Diana’s famous worldwide. But in order to understand why the fate played a cruel joke with Charles and Diana, you need to go back to the distant 1977.

In that year, she was 16 years old. However, no one suspected that she would become a princess. The fact that Prince Charles dated her sister – Sarah. Sister of Diana did not hesitate to publicize their personal life with Charles, which angered the Prince. Relationship came to the end.

That’s when he noticed a young beauty Diana.

It was rumored that the sisters even quarreled over the Prince. Later, all the gossip were refuted and found that Sarah and Diana are on excellent terms and spend a lot of time together.

Diana Frances Spencer

Diana Spencer was not just a girl, she came from a family of Churchill. In addition, she had inherited from his father, Earl Spencer, the daughter of a peer title.

After 4 years of close relationships, Prince Charles has finally proposed Diana, putting the ring oh ger finger.

Preparations for the wedding lasted for five months, but this triumph remember whole England. Perhaps, because of the gorgeous princess dress, which was allocated a 25-meter train and a fluffy skirt decorated with lace and beads.

British Diana compared with Cinderella, but unfortunately, it does not repeat the fate of the famous fairy tale heroine. Even during the pronunciation of vows, Prince Charles made a mistake, instead of saying “I promise to share with you everything that belongs to me”, “I promise to share with you everything that belongs to you”.

An old story in a new way History   The wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles

The tragic fate

A year after the wedding was born Prince William and two years later – Prince Harry. Despite motherhood, Diana work in the charity, bringing up sons and tried as much as possible to spend more time with them. Meanwhile, relations with Charles became weaker and weaker.

In the mid-80s, he began to cheat on Princess Diana with Camilla Parker Bowles, who would later become his wife. Diana also sinned on the side with the riding instructor James Hewitt.

Tension mounted in 1996 Diana and Charles officially divorced. By her actions Princess increasingly gave spreading rumors on the subject of her short novels with famous people, such as Hasnat Khan (Pakistani surgeon) and multi-billionaire Dodi Al Fayed.

Despite the gossip and rumors, she continued her charitable activities, attracting more and more attention of the public, which is 31 August 1997, received  terrible news: the much-loved Princess Diana died in a car crush. The whole world mourns for her, and even Elizabeth II, who disliked the former daughter, expressed her regret and sorrow.

Only 8 years after the death of the former wife, Prince Charles married Camilla.

As it turned out, not all fairy tales have happy endings. Some heroes have to go through the trial and error to finally gain a well-deserved happiness. Despite the disintegrated marriage of Prince Charles and Diana’s death, the Royal Family joined by two beautiful Prince Harry and William, who have their tales and stories.

Royal daughter of a miner

Who would have thought that the future Duchess will be a simple miner’s daughter. While the significance of “simple” must also be clarified. Kate Middleton’s parents were miners, later became an entrepreneur in the company Party pieces, which delivers tools for parties. Thanks to make money, the young Kate was able to study at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she met her future husband, Prince William.

Young people prefer the company of each other, instead of noisy parties. They went to the pool and played tennis.

After graduating, William decided to choose military service. It was the time when people of Britain and began to follow the life of couples with bated breath.

All wondered whether Kate will wait? Will she pass the test of time and the distance?

Then, the future Duchess didn’t  pay attention to the prejudices and worked as a consultant for the accessories salon Jigsaw. There, she got the knowledges of how to become a style icon, obtained by applying the tips in choosing clothes, as well as improving their already decent behavior.

“Will there be a happy ending?” ,- You ask.

“Yes!” ,- Answer you happy smiles of Kate and William from the covers of magazines.

Fate has presented a gift to Kate Middleton, when in 2010, Prince William, as expected, got down on one knee and proposed.

The whole world was watching the wedding of the Duke and Duchess  which was broadcasted on television. After that, 3 years later, Britain welcomed the son Kate and William – Prince George, who in April this year will be the elder brother for his future royal sister.

Kate, on her example,  could prove that become the Duchess is not that difficult.

And the Kings have feelings

The story does not end, but only originates. British Royal Family creates topics of conversation daily and hourly. Whether they are good or not at all, we continue to be interested in the life of the royal offspring.

Despite the fact that many of them have families, some of them are still in a search. To win the heart of Prince is not so simple, and keep it is even harder.

For example, Prince Harry, who changes the girls as often as Princess Diana was changing her dresses.

An affair with Hollywood star Emma Watson, who has created quite a few rumors. Will Miss Watson become a new Duchess, no one knows yet, but that’s an another story …