Game of Thrones – how would we like to see our past History

It’s not left out  the beauty of the world. Modern visualization tools are made to believe and live painted in the world, which fascinates the viewer of the metropolis pristine nature of the medieval world. Game of Thrones – a play of colors, shadows and imagination, when the feeling of pleasure comes only from the contemplation of what he saw. And then Game of Thrones took the best of modern computer games – different locations with their natural features, landscape. In general, the sense of personal involvement in the events of the series accompanies you no worse than a computer game.

Game of Thrones – a world where you can find yourself and escape from reality

Characters of the series, probably represent the different types of people and characters. Such that we do not meet in real life. Devotion to death, betrayal of all in its path, the desire for power, closes minds … In real life, there is only the domination of some feelings and qualities. Man is much more complex and multifaceted, and it is the complexity of people creates barriers to real understanding.

Game of Thrones – simple and incredibly beautiful virtual world, where you want to get away from the gray reality.

Domination and submission, power and political relations in the Game of Thrones are Byzantine, and not purely medieval European roots. The most mysterious, the unknown state of the Middle Ages, Byzantium in its heyday, most like the world of the game of thrones.

What is more, the Middle Ages or modernity?

Aristocracy in the series, on the contrary, has a purely European origin. Game of Thrones War shows birth of the crown, while already thrones confront each other in the hope of creating empire. Action “Game of Thrones” takes place in a fictional world, reminiscent of medieval Europe, but the seasons in this world lasts for several years. The series begins at the end of a long summer. In the series, at the same time are a variety of characters and develop more connected with each other storylines. One of them is dedicated to the struggle of several influential families for the throne of the kingdom; other – about trying to impoverished order, guarding the ancient wall in the north, resist supernatural threat from outside; Third – travelogue Princess Exile country east of trying to find allies to return to their homeland.

Game of Thrones – this is how we would like to see our past. When the first place are the physical dangers of modern man they attract so much more. Together with excellent visualization, acting game, we got a new world, like “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings.” Only the world continues its lot, and want more. The storyline is unfolding as it wants the viewer subconsciously without realizing it. This game on feelings and emotions can last a very long time, and while modern man does not feel real physical threat or suffering, “Game of Thrones” and similar other projects will replace this shortage.