13 people who founded their own microstate News

To establish microstate is easy enough to simply say that you did it. If you confuse, then you can draw a flag, anthem and write a letter to the UN. However, while none of the microstates are not officially recognized. But this does not prevent their existence. Today, there are about four hundred!

Wit Edlichka, Liberlandiya

13 people who founded their own microstate News

In April 2015 the Czech Wit Edlichka announced the formation of a new state – Liberlandii. Country area of ??seven square kilometers is located on the border between Croatia and Serbia – on the ground, which is not officially claimed by any one of the states.

Liberlandii slogan – “Live and let live.” Become a citizen can be anyone who does not adhere to the Nazi, Communist or other extremist views. Edlichka said in an interview with The Times, that in the early days of the state, he has received about 20,000 applications for citizenship, however, is going to meet no more than 5000 petitions.

Paddy Roy Bates, independent principality of Sealand

13 people who founded their own microstate News

One of the most successful micro-nations was formed in 1967 by the British naval officer (then retired) by Paddy Roy Bates on an offshore platform during the Second World War, formally located in international waters.

Shortly after the proclamation of an independent state it was attacked by a pirate radio DJ with associates, but Paddy and his supporters managed to defend sovereignty. British coast guard, seeing the sea battle, trying to get closer, but received an official warning that disrupts water space Sealand.

To date, the state Sealand has its own radio station, and it is ruled by Prince Michael Bates, son of Paddy Roy. The founder of the state died in 1999.

Leicester Hemingway, The New Atlantis

13 people who founded their own microstate News

Leicester Hemingway, younger brother of writer Ernest Hemingway, a journalist and writer, was also the founder of the state The New Atlantis. On July 4, 1964, he brought a bamboo raft in international waters off the coast of Jamaica, and declared it a sovereign state. Hemingway said that acting on the basis of US law in 1856. Half raft Hemingway owned by the United States, and the second – the New Atlantis.

Unfortunately, the government lasted only a year, until the raft Hemingway was not destroyed by waves.

Jeremiah Heaton, North Sudan

13 people who founded their own microstate News

In northern Africa, between Egypt and Sudan, there is no man’s land Bir Tawil. In 2014, the American farmer Heaton Jeremiah proclaimed it part of their own state and the Northern Sudan. To lay claim to the territory, he had to personally visit Bir Tawil and stick a flag in the ground (who painted his children). The idea of ??their own state, in the words of Jeremiah, was born to him after his daughter Emily has expressed a desire to be a princess. So, if your girl the same dream, hurry: between Egypt and Sudan still have vacancies.

However, the territory of the Bir Tawil claims Dmitry Zhiharev someone who believes that Jeremiah Heaton did not reached their state (the latter said that going for it with a camel caravan 14 hours), and took a photo of somewhere in the neighborhood of Cairo.

Thomas Harabis, the principality of Wallachia

13 people who founded their own microstate News

Writer and photographer Thomas Harabis organized a state in 1997 in the southeast of the Czech Republic, on the site of the historical region of Wallachia. Himself Harabis appointed Minister of the Interior, and the role of the king was invited by actor-comedian Bolek Polivka, crowned Boleslaw I the Good.

However, very soon, the relationship between the branches of power spoiled (king demanded payment for their work in the amount of 27 thousand dollars a year), Harabis committed a coup and overthrew the rebellious monarch.

Leonard Kesli, Principality of Hutt River

13 people who founded their own microstate News

In 1970, an Australian farmer Leonard Kesli announced the release of his farm from the Australian education and the Hutt River Province (later the name was changed to the principality), and declared himself Prince Leonard.

To date, the state is home to about three dozen people, it has its own currency – the dollar Hutt River, having a relationship with an Australian 1: 1.

Michael Oliver, the Republic of Minerva

13 people who founded their own microstate News

In 1972, the American millionaire Michael Oliver Lithuanian origin founded on the reefs near the islands of Fiji independent republic, it was built on an artificial island on his money. However, the king of the nearby state of Tonga Taufa’ahau Tupou I laid claim to the island, saying that it has historical significance for Tonga, and annexed it.

Paul Delpart, Principality of Wu

13 people who founded their own microstate News

Australian artist Paul Delpart created the “Land of artists – the Principality of Wu” in 1960. In 2004, after a long 17-year-old court with local authorities Delpart said his government withdraws from Sydney. Residents of the principality Wu are Delpart himself, his wife Princess Susan, children and domestic rabbits.

James Spillman and Kevin Bo Molossoid

13 people who founded their own microstate News

Moloss state was proclaimed in place of another micro– Duchy of Waldstein. And it, in turn, was created by two friends, teenagers – and Kevin James Spilmanom Bo.

Initially, the state has been virtual, but then Kevin bought a plot of land in Nevada. Since his friend lost interest in the venture, renamed Kevin Principality Vuldshteyn in Moloss state, and declared himself its ruler.

In Molossia has its anthem, flag, currency (Valor, Valor is equivalent to 1 1/3 packets of biscuits Pillsbury), as well as the space program. In Molossia James is permanently resident with his wife, their two children, three dogs, a cat and a rabbit.

Giorgio Carbone, Principality of Seborga

13 people who founded their own microstate News

Virtual principality, located in Liguria (Italy), builds it story to the real-life medieval principality, which is not a part of Italy. Its founder – a florist Giorgio Carbone calls itself His King George II.

Georgette Bertin-Paurchet, Republic of Saugeais

13 people who founded their own microstate News

Republic of Saugeais numbering 11 cities on the border with Switzerland, initially created as a joke. But it attracted the flow of tourists, so the republic even released their own brand, and founder Georgette Bertin-Paurchet wrote a hymn in fictitious language.

Giorgio Rosa, Rosa Republic

13 people who founded their own microstate News

Republic Roza was formed on an offshore platform in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Italy. The official language of Esperanto has become, and in the country operated a restaurant and a nightclub. But the Italian authorities areconsidered illegal formation. The state was destroyed, and the platform that gave it a shelter, exploded.

Eric Fox, Aericheskaya Empire

13 people who founded their own microstate News

The state was created by Canadian Eric Fox at the age of five in 1987, and the first decade of the country existed only in games of Eric and his friends. State ownership extended to many parsecs of the Galaxy.

In 1997, with the advent of the Internet, Aericheskaya Empire settled on the web. Matured founding fathers decided to turn it into something more than just a hobby, and make unlike the other microstates. So, Aericheskoy empire made the slogan “Empire exists to promote the evolution of society, in which the empire itself is no longer necessary”, its currency (the issue of coins started in 2009) and the Emperor who became Eric Fox. In 2000, after an article in the “New York Times” there was a surge of population increase Aericheskoy Empire: it was about 500 people. But then reduced to four.

Each year, the empire carries out various games and competitions based on love to the residents of fiction – “Star Wars” and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Despite the fact that most of the communication takes place  online, they gather annually in Montreal, Springvale, New York and other centers, and in July 2007 marked the twentieth anniversary of the Convention.