24 June. Day in History News

24 June 1314 at the Battle of Bannockburn Scottish King Robert the Bruce defeated the army of King of England Edward II, to restore the independence of their country. The victory at Bannockburn became a symbol the Scottish of unity and struggle for independence and had a significant influence on the formation of the Scottish nation. At the same time the collapse of the plans to establish British rule in Scotland contributed to a serious internal political crisis in England.

24 June. Day in History News   Zhu Yuanzhang

24 June 1398 died Zhu Yuanzhang, the Chinese emperor in 1368, the founder of the Dynasty Ming, which ruled for nearly 300 years. Before becoming the monarch entered the circle of thieves, and, thanks to leadership qualities, intelligence, the will, the courage and ambition could achieve success.

24 June. Day in History News   Raid on the Medway

24 June 1667 a triumphant ended Raid on the Medway (Second Anglo-Dutch War), the Dutch fleet under the command of Michiel de Reyter. He was one of the toughest defeats of the English fleet and brought the end of the war. In several years, the British fleet suffered the consequences of the raid, only to 1670 launched a new program for the construction of the fleet.

24 June. Day in History News   Crossing Napoleon’s army the Neman

24 June 1812 army Napoleon’s, crossing the river Neman, invaded the territory of the Russian Empire. It is beginning of the Patriotic War of 1812. The war ended the almost complete destruction of Napoleon’s army, liberation of the territory of Russia and transfer of military action on the ground of Warsaw of the Duchy and Germany in 1813.