26 June. Day in History News

26 June 363 Julian the Apostate, Roman emperor in 361-363, a nephew of Constantine the Great, was killed in a campaign against Persia. During the retreat, Julian received three wounds: in the arm, chest and liver. According to some reports, the wounds were inflicted soldier by his own army, something offended him. According to other rumors, the death of Julian was actually a suicide: he realized that his position army was hopeless, he was looking for death in battle and threw at the enemy the spear.

26 June. Day in History News   Panorama of the city of Granada

26 June 1319 the troops of Regents Don Pedro and Don Juan, co-guardian of Alfonso XI, declaring a crusade against Muslims, reach the walls of Granada, burning and destroying everything in its path. Prince Pedro suddenly attacked the Muslim army and won with the support of the detachment Marinids. However, both the Infante, Pedro and Juan, killed in battle. Castilla left without regents, the army removes the siege and goes home. Using the weakness of the government in Castile, Ismail I return Baza, Heskar, Orce, Galley and Martos.

26 June. Day in History News   Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich

26 June 1718 died Tsarevich Alexei Petrovich, the eldest son of Peter I and Evdoxia Lopukhina. In 1716, the conflict with his father, who wanted to remove him from the inheritance, Alexei secretly fled to Vienna, and conducted there are separate negotiations with the European rulers. According to his testimony at the inquest, he was ready for the seizure of power rely on the Austrian army. On the basis surfaced of the facts prince was tried and sentenced to death as a traitor.

26 June. Day in History News   Battle of Fleurus

26 June 1794 began the Battle of Fleurus. One of the decisive battles of the lower earth, in the War of the First Coalition, which became part of the French Revolutionary Wars.