30 June. Day in history. News

30 June 1109 year died Alfonso VI the Brave, King of Leon from 1065, King of Castile with 1072 and King of Galicia from 1072.

30 June. Day in history. News   Charles VIII

30 June 1470 year was born Charles VIII Valois (d. 1498), King of France. Becoming the only surviving son of King Louis XI and his second wife Charlotte of Savoy. Charles came to the throne 30 August 1483, at the age of 13 years. He was in poor health, and in accordance with the wishes of Louis XI, the regency was transferred to the eldest sister of Charles, Anne de Beaujeu.

30 June. Day in history. News   Image siege of Azov in 1736 year. Shows time of the explosion the powder magazine 19 June 1736 year.

30 June 1736 year the surrender of the Turkish garrison of Azov. City eventually annexed by Russia. The consequence of a night attack was the proposal to surrender the city. The garrison capitulated on the following conditions: the garrison leaves the fortress without military honors and under guard will be allotted in Turkish territory with the condition not to fight against the Russian in one year; military allowed to leave their own weapons in the number of guns, archery, pistol and saber; all state-owned weapons is the winner; artillery, its accessories, provisions, except for the number required for allowances the garrison during the campaign, powder magazines and mines are winners; Turkish nationals can stay in the city 14 days to complete their cases and they ensured the safety and fair treatment of property.

30 June. Day in history. News   Ivan Ivanovich Panfilov

30 June 1794 year died Panfilov, Ivan Ivanovich, archpriest of the Russian Church, a member of the Holy Synod, the confessor of Empress Catherine II. The first representative of the secular clergy, was awarded the right to wear a mitre.