8 July. Day in the history News

8 July. Day in the history News   8 July 1659 Konotopsky fight, one of battles of the Russian-Polish war near the city of Konotop (nowadays Sumy area) began. The outcome of Konotopsky fight didn’t strengthen situation I.E. Vygovsky in the proceeding civil war in Getmanshchina also I didn’t prevent his fast overthrow.

8 July. Day in the history News   8 July 1663 the English king Charles II declared the Charter to Rhode Island. The colony Rhode Island was founded 8 July. Day in the history News   in 1636 by Roger Williams, now Rod – Aylend – the state of the USA entering the region New England. Only of 13 colonies, Rhode Island received a full freedom of worship. Rhode Island was the last from initial 13 colonies, adopted the Constitution of the USA in 1790.

8 July. Day in the history News   Peter the Great with the troops before the Poltava fight

8 July 1709 – the beginning of the Poltava fight. The largest battle of Northern war took place in the morning on June 27 (on July 8), 1709 in 6 versts from the city of Poltava in Ukraine between the Russian troops under Peter I command and the Swedish army of Karl XII. Defeat of the Swedish army led to a change in Northern war in favor of Russia and by the end of domination of Sweden in Europe.

8 July. Day in the history News   The monument of turco-Russian friendship. In 1833, only once for all history, the Russian soldier walked on the edge of the detroit of Bosphore. But this time the Orthodoxes Christians were not the adversaries, and the allies of the sultan.

8 July 1833 the Unkyar-Iskelesiysky treaty of peace, friendship and a defensive alliance between Russia and the Ottoman Empire is signed. The contract provided a military alliance between two countries in case one of them was attacked. Confidential additional article of the contract allowed Turkey not to send troops, but demanded closing of Bosphorus for the ships of any countries (except Russia). The contract was signed for a period of 8 years.

8 July. Day in the history News   Peter and Fevroniya

8 July 2008 thanks to the Murom prince Peter and his wife Fevroniya who lived in the XIII century, there was a holiday Day of a family, love and fidelity. The new family holiday already has a commemorative medal “For Love and Fidelity” which is handed on July 8, and very gentle symbol — a camomile, after all this field flower since ancient times was considered in Russia as a love symbol.