81% Russians approve of the President Putin’s activity News

Analytical center of Yuri Levada has made a large survey and found out the degree of belief of Russians to different authorities of state power in Russia. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin was the most supported. More than 81% surveyed people are satisfied by his activity.

81% Russians approve of the President Putin’s activity News

As the official web site of Levada center informs: “The survey was held on 23-27 of June 2016 according to the whole-Russia representative selection of city and village folk among 1600 people at the age of 18 and elder in 137 residential areas of 48 regions of the country. The Survey was held at respondent’s house by private interview. Assignment of answers is being published in per cents from the total number of surveyed with previous surveys data.”

The current survey includes several questions regarding approval of different authorities’ actions in Russia and regarding approval of general course of Russian Federation.

81 from 100 respondents answered definite “approve” regarding Vladimir Putin’s approval, 18 do not approve and 1 didn’t decide.

The degree of belief to the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev differs very much. His activity is approved only by 51% of surveyed people, and 48% do not approve it. Government of Russia is less supported. 48% of surveyed people trust to government and 51% do not support its activity.

State Duma activity is supported only by 41% respondents, and 57% do not approve its activity.

Answering the question about correctness if chosen course 50% of respondents answered that the country follows correct course, 33% of citizen do not support the chosen course and 18% didn’t decide what position to choose.