A brief interview with the leader of the group of artists “Artel” working to create paintings News

Imperor goes on to describe the events associated with the new grandiose project Imperial Throne Archchancellor Anton Alexeyevich Bakov – creating paintings of Emperor Nicholas III. Today we talked to Karen Mkoyan, leader of the group of artists “Artel”, which will write the picture.

A brief interview with the leader of the group of artists “Artel” working to create paintings News

Imperor: – Hello! We have learned that a group of artists under your leadership is ready to start writing the largest paintings in the history of Ekaterinburg with the image of the Emperor Nicholas III Kirillovich and his venerable ancestors.

Karen: – Welcome! Yes, indeed, our creative association unique chance to work on a masterpiece. It is in every sense a unique and very interesting project. We are now familiar with the story, literally shtudiruem textbooks and scientific literature on the subject of the monarchy, dynastic marriages. Very interesting topic! It turns out the man we’re going to represent the picture, is a relative of the royal houses of virtually all of Europe, as well as the sole heir to the Russian royal house of Romanov.

-We are interested In art association “Artel”, what is it and who integrates?

– This association of young and ambitious Ural artists who create in the style of realism. Nowadays, in order to create a realistic large-scale paintings, to work in a team where everyone knows their place and role. Their joint work and mutually enriching supplements.

– Tell us who you are depicted in the painting.

– As you rightly mentioned earlier, the picture is dedicated to Emperor Nicholas III and his ancestors. Among them is a lot of historical figures, rulers of Europe at different times. This Charlemagne, and the German Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, the Spanish queen. A special place in the picture will occupy ancestors Nicholas Kirillovich Romanov – Liberator Alexander II, Catherine II, Peter I.

-How Is the work,  what time frame do you want to complete and submit to the court a picture of the community?

-Now it’s too early to talk about the timing, because the direct work on the painting is not opened. At the preparatory stage to collect information golosovalkihttp: //kartina.imperor.net/. Once people determine the ruler of one or another European country, we will make the concept of placing on the canvas rulers. Then begins a long and complex process of painting. We come to work with full responsibility and are not ready yet to announce completion dates.

We remind you that the Imperial Throne Archchancellor Anton Bakov started a  project popularization of Emperor Nicholas III in Russia, as well as dynastic community in Russia and Europe through his painting, which will become a cultural symbol of Yekaterinburg.