After election Trump will face to the trial in the Trump University suit News

Associated Press informs that the candidate for the USA President position from the Republican Party  Donald Trump will go to trial in autumn. A class-action lawsuit was brought by students of Trump University.

After election Trump will face to the trial in the Trump University suit News

Trump University is a private educational institution. All students were promised to be taught to business and entrepreneurship. More than that teachers assured that upon graduation from the University everybody would be able to earn hundreds of thousands dollars. But in fact everything turned not so rosy as it seemed.

So students, who filed the lawsuit, claim that after the University they were left with debts. Because many teachers charged up prices for subjects and explained it as the information was given over the curriculum. But in fact students say that information always included indirect advertising and had no use for their future career.

Donald Trump will appear on a list of the defense witnesses. He assures that he has no idea about teachers’ actions because he had never taken part in the educational process though he selected instructors. More than that according to his opinion 98% of graduates managed to find job or to start their own business. That is why he doesn’t understand reasons of the suit. Even surveys which were held among students confirmed that they liked everything. Though suitors noticed that tests were not confidential and were held  at the same beginning of education when nobody knew nothing about the process.

The trial in the Trump University case will take place on November 28th. It means that if Trump is selected as a Head of the White House he will be a President who will be tried. Anyhow this event is overshadowing the reputation of scandalous politician.