Anton Bakov created a plan for the development of the Christian world News

Anton Bakov – Artcenter the Imperial throne, the leader of the Monarchist party presented their life’s work and explained why described in his new book, the project could be implemented in Canada, Australia, Latin America and even South Africa. But not in Russia.

The full title of the new book of Anton Borkov – “Golden Bull in 2014. Monarchical plan for the revival of Russia“.

Anton Bakov created a plan for the development of the Christian world News   At the presentation of the book “the Golden Bull” Anton Bakov was ready to answer all questions.

The head of the monarchist party gladly answered the journalists ‘ questions and explained why ideas rule the world, and why they must go through all stages from laughter to implementation.

“The question is not alternate history. The question in the story that will be. The question is how to organize. On the other hand, a monopoly on the truth no one else. I suggested my idea”

– says Anton Tanks on  presentation the new book.

– Why do you call this book hard all their lives?

I’m almost 50 years old, and I can already draw some conclusions. I went to it for very long. He started with a naive child of communism, wrote the constitution of the Soviet Union’s communist republics. I was only 11 years old. Since then, my views have evolved. I did not hesitate to learn and change. This book – a natural stage of my mental development. Now I have something to read my staff and my companions, so they know the ultimate truth.

– You is important that the book was a commercial success?

No. The book is not for the general reader. My wife has already condemned. said:

“How dare you? On the third page you have there is a “meritocracy”. Who can understand it at all? “.

I replied that everyone who should read this book, I can not explain it in person.

– The book will be sold throughout the country?

Yes I Am. This issue is occupied Moscow publishing house. Total production in thousand copies.

Anton Bakov created a plan for the development of the Christian world News   The book “The Golden Bull of 2014” covers all the Christian nations and a little Russian.

– You wrote it for Russia?

No, not for Russia. I understand that, while in Russia it is difficult to implement, major projects, we can not be. Yes, we have attached the Crimea, but as this event will affect the history of the world? Yes I did … – elderly people. I need to think about the eternal … You just need to understand that Russia – a small and not the richest part of the world. Now it makes sense to conceive only projects that Russia hurt in a very small degree. And just such a project is described in my book.

This is a project for Canada, Australia, Latin America, South Africa. Russia, he touches on a tangent. As far as we ourselves want to participate in it … I think it is very important to do away with godless communism in Latin America and stop the advance of the Muslims in the south of Black Africa.

– Anton Bakov, and why on the cover of an eagle?

Because it is a symbol of the Byzantine Empire. In addition to Russia, the eagle is depicted on the coat of arms in Montenegro, Serbia, Albania … Eagle – a symbol rather Romanov dynasty, a symbol of continuity of Roman civilization, but not a symbol of Russia.

Anton Bakov created a plan for the development of the Christian world News   Anton Bakov do not hide the fact that the book has caused outrage among his former associates.

– You come up with an alternative history?

No, I bury my XX century. In 1914, as you know, the whole of Europe buried century XIX. I have enough strength in 2014 to bury his XX century. I bury socialism, communism, in which I grew up, fascism, which I do not really understand, but which many have heard … Liberalism, which was a supporter in the past. This is such a monarchist revival plan of Russia. This search for a new identity.

I do believe that we have a lot of problems due to the fact that there is a false identity. This is an attempt to imagine what kind of ideological model could be exported and Russia to develop in the future, in the XXI century.

Anton Bakov created a plan for the development of the Christian world News   Book Anton Bakov “Golden Bull in 2014” for a narrow circle of people. But all great things start from scratch.

– Can we say that you created a new national idea?

Of course. New is well forgotten old. I think that this is a new fact in the development of the monarchical idea. The monarchism of the XXI century, the century of globalization. This is an alternative globalization.

The model not only for Russia but for the entire Christian world… Collect all the heirs of Christian civilization, the heirs of Achilles, Greek mythology and Jesus Christ. It’s such an attempt denote an existing, in my opinion, identity belongs to any man of culture of the Christian world, and try to put it in political plane.

– You play with the facts in this book?

“No, no. Here we are talking about logical building, because virtually all of these designs have evolved, first, from liberalism. Liberals could deny, but that they created communism and fascism.

It all started with errors in the triad of “liberte, egalite, fraternite.” Freedom, equality and brotherhood. I believe that equality we have not and never has been. This is an artificial equality.

– I understand that the book is a Manifesto of meritocracy?

Yes, it is a Manifesto of meritocracy. I advocate a way of coexistence and of the aristocracy and the plebs, and power in one package. What now there all over the world.

Anton Bakov created a plan for the development of the Christian world News   Anton Bakov does not exclude in 2015, the second part of the book.

– If we look at Russia. Do you think Russia has a social elevators?

Lifts exist, just maybe, they sometimes lead to nowhere. You can climb high, but not the fact that you do not smear on the ceiling.

You know, I’m not of the nobility itself … My ancestors before the revolution – councilors, honorable citizens, priests. Under Soviet rule – engineers, doctors. I understand that the aristocracy constantly knock, because it has something …

Remember the song: “If you do not have a dog, it does not poison the neighbor”? In the aristocracy just have “dog”. But on the other hand, it is constantly being revived, and that’s fine. Even in ancient Athens to replace the demigods came wealthy potter Cleisthenes and became a new aristocracy.

– But you took it in the system – the system widest possibilities, social mobility, easy and quick enrichment.

No, not true. If it was so easy, it took not one myself. I can see what happened to the people around me … It was not all easy. But now the question arises, who all pass, the issue of children and grandchildren. And I think that this issue is now worried about all those who in one way or another place.

– In your opinion, can solve this problem?

I think that the human desire to always win. Won in Athens and in Rome. All proceeds … Yes, the son of General harder will become a marshal, because Marshall has his sons.

Anton Bakov created a plan for the development of the Christian world News   “The question is not an alternative history. The question of the stories that will be. The question is how to organize it all “

– What do you think about the development of Russia, she has her own way?

Now I traveled to Italy, looked at all the Italians, and I see that we are all created from Christianity, we collected from the Greco-Roman mythology. It is a cultural code that is present in every human being. Ask anyone on the street: he would call three Indian and two Chinese paintings? Will he be able to name any Chinese composer? Or the author of a book? I can name a few names, but compared with the Europeans it will be ten times less. And all this is connected with the Christian culture. I believe that we are a Christian nation, we are the children of Christian civilization. Even if we do not believe in God.

– Who is the fastest way to implement your plan – is to propose your idea of Vladimir Putin?

No, Vladimir Putin – is an example of a person with a complex identity. I do not feel like Boris Nemtsov, a Chinese spy that he and all that he does – for the Chinese. No. I believe that our response to globalization is associated with the name of the Romanovs, the heirs of the Byzantine, and accordingly, the Roman Empire. Russia can choose its best representatives, which could lead the Christian civilization.

Anton Bakov created a plan for the development of the Christian world News   “We are all created from Christianity, we collected from the Greco-Roman mythology. This cultural code”

– Seriously no one does not perceive it.

– There was a man who wrote a book about the creation of the state of Israel, Theodor Herzl. At first everyone laughed, and then took 50 years – and there was a state. Any idea is to go from laughter to life, and that’s fine.

Putin now feels monarch. he realizes that he has left the whole rest of my life, and that of other national leaders – just electoral term.

– Yes … And what are you going to spend this life? The fact that in our country were again green tomatoes?

It is clear that because of the atomic bombs no one in The Hague no one to go. But the fact that this is something you will … Add to Russian Crimea … or Donetsk. And what’s next then? Russia will become more richer? No, sea spend money to lose the sea of life, but no breakthrough, we have not committed.

Anton Bakov