Anton Bakov is talking about the establishment of Russian Empire News

-How did you come to the idea of the Russian Empire?

-Well, at first it was a joke. I was very bored. The fact that I was engaged in business, in politics, but at some point I realized that my business has reached the ceiling. And even if I’m 12 hours a day sitting at work that I’m bored to death, we can not conquer some enticing new horizons. And secondly, they did ban me from the Kremlin to engage in politics in Russia, I was blacklisted. And there was nothing, the children were growing up. Quite accidentally opened a map of the Hawaiian Islands. Lisianski Island. Is it Lisyanskii, who sailed with Kruzenshtern in the first Russian voyage around the world? It’s the only thing I knew about it.

Yes, he’s discovered this island and the famous reef Neva because his ship “Neva” double-stranded sat there. But how did this island become a part of  the United States? Ostensibly it won in our absence the king of Hawaii before joining the islands to the United States. In general, when you take something in your absence, it is not called the conquest, it’s theft.

That was the idea to swim there and put our flag of the Russian Federation. But as they say, I’m a man with a viscous thinking, I always try to find the truth. And when I began to dig, it became clear that the Russian Federation can not claim to lands discovered by sailors of the Russian Empire, because the Soviet Union at the time officially renounced the status of successor empire.

Anton Bakov is talking about the establishment of Russian Empire News   Anton Bakov: “The United States was stolen from the Russian Empire opened the island”

It turned out that we – the state created from scratch in 1917. Knowingly put a globe on the coat of arms of the Soviet Union. We had to grab a planetary scale all the power. Workers of all countries were to join. And today’s Federation, under the law – it is the successor to the Soviet chimeras, and the connection with the millennial history Russia legally aborted.

To pay public attention to this problem, we decided to create a virtual state Russian Empire. The benefit of such countries in the world there were  more than 100, however, in Russia we were first.

But, we could not get to the island Lisiansky. Because  we could  go only on the American ship. A management protection of natural areas the US did not allowed us to visit the island Lisiansky. He listed as  their reserve.

Generally, all the Northern Hawaiian Islands today – it’s Reserve of  USA, and can be visited only the northernmost island of Midway. My friend Oleg Axelrod, who is engaged in tourism, got a few areas, which also opened the Russian sailors. He offered me the atoll Suvorov. His once opened on the ship “Suvorov” Russian-American Company – Lazarev, who later became the great admiral. It happened 200 years ago, in 1814.

But we didn’t swim there, because on the  Urals there are  no outstanding sailors and our experience of navigation on the rivers and ponds has been clearly insufficient to cross the Pacific Ocean. In addition, it became clear that we rented yacht did not like it was shoed in the pictures . In general, it was much more difficult, especially because with me floated youngest son and youngest daughter. All we had 8 people on the ship,  which capacity is a maximum 3-4 people. Slept in shifts. All are disabled. Not without incident, caught in a storm. Experience of a lifetime.

It was all in the summer of 2011. We proclaimed virtual country   not on the atoll, as planned, but  in international waters. Re-established the Russian Empire, made a film site, then started recording people in citizenship. We printed them passports.

And in 2012, Medvedev again allowed  to form political parties. I founded and registered monarchist party. It wasn’t too difficult, because the activists of the Russian Empire were all over the Russia. It came out cheap, and all my expenses for travel and passport immediately paid off.

And since the site monarchist party was able to establish contact with the heir to the Russian throne – Prince of the Imperial Blood Nicholas Romanov. I think if I went to him simply as a businessman from Russia, we would not have contact with the chairman and the monarchist party Bakov he began to cooperate with.

Anton Bakov is talking about the establishment of Russian Empire News   Nicholas III and his wife Catherine Feodorovna.

– When you start to think about the project, did you read about these same states which subsequently lost independence? Are you not afraid that this could happen to your state?

– First of all, to take something from you , you need to have something . It’s like that old song: “If you do not have a dog, it won’t be poisoned ny the neirbour and  the wife did not go to another, if you do not have a wife.” As long as everything is in its infancy, of course, nothing can be taken away. But I understand that as soon as the situation will begin to develop, and it seems really tends to some development, then someone will covet.

– What’s going on in the Russian Empire at this  moment?

– Now we are moving to Montenegro, bought 100 acres of land there. Kuk Islands were too far to fly to New Zealand, then to the islands, and then sail week. Getting there is almost impossible. For all time traveled there only two citizens of the Russian Empire. They got there by mini-yacht Puppy (angl.schenok) .They  sailed there  from Los Angeles and hung our St. Andrew’s flag. Anatol and Natalie Lau.

Anton Bakov is talking about the establishment of Russian Empire News   Anton Bakov was appointed Archchancellor Russian Empire Nicholas III

– Did you give the citizenship to everyone?

– Yes of course. We were even treated people for which we made individual acts. Because all the former subjects of the Russian Empire, more precisely, their descendants, have the automatic right to citizenship, but for example, the family came from South Africa, whose ancestors had nothing in common with Russia. Or two lawyers: from India and Bulgaria. We gave them a passport as an exception.

–Is it necessary to give up the Russian Citizenship?

– No, it is not dual citizenship. While the state is not recognized, it is not an official citizenship. And if you have someone recognizes you , I have to write over the denunciations that I have two passports. But so far no problems. In addition, when we started, there was no registration of dual citizenship, she had introduced on 1 October this year.

-What are your plans for the future of the Russian Empire?

– I have already mentioned, we bought 100 hectares of land in Montenegro. There is constructed imperial castle. About 4 billion euros, we plan to invest in the Montenegrin project. We are negotiating with the Government of Montenegro. Also opened a new country – Macedonia. We are negotiating with major Russian companies – with ” Rosneft”. Generally, if something engage seriously and persistently, the most crazy idea becomes flesh. Although  it is not always work out exactly what was intended. For example, the atoll Suvorov yet unattainable for us.

Anton Bakov is talking about the establishment of Russian Empire News   In this land will be built imperial palace and independent State Russian Empire

– Are you trying to get the support of other countries?

– Yes, and countries , and large companies. Because if we have support only of people, we have nothing.

– What are the goals of large companies that invest the money in your idea?

– Sanctions. We are trying to conduct policies similar to Hong Kong and China. We want to create a buffer between Russia and sanctions.