Black Friday comes to us! News

Tomorrow “Black Friday» will kick off around the world. These huge sales, so popular in Europe and the United States are just beginning to tread on customers in Russia. What the Russian business awaits these days, we will tell you right now.

Black Friday comes to us! News

Black Friday – a Friday which is following after Thanksgiving in the United States. From there begins the traditional Christmas sales season. The custom to arrange the sale of the day established it in the XIX century, and the term “Black Friday” appeared in 1966 and initially was used mainly on the East Coast. Due to the fact that Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November, Black Friday falls in the period from 23 to 29 November.

Black Friday is not an official holiday, but many workers in this day take the day off, except for employees of retail trade, as in this day customer traffic increases substantially. During the Black Friday stores open very early – about 5 am, and some of the largest retail chains – even at midnight. The first customers are offered serious discounts – from 50 to 80% – this is done in order to bring to stores as much as possible buyers.

Black Friday comes to us! News

The term “Black Friday” first appeared in Philadelphia and means strong traffic jams on Friday after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday is held in many countries, from December 6, 2013 and in Russia (individual stores). Unlike Black Friday in Russia from similar events in the US it is that the discounted products sold mainly over the Internet.

This year, Black Friday includes an increasing number of participants in Russia – it is almost all retail chains, electronics stores. Of course, most of them are involved in the sale of online shopping. The traditional activities such line shopping can be observed in retail chains “Auchan”, “Obi”, “Metro”.

Due to economic problems in Russia, a large number of goods can not be bought and sent to the warehouse. During  these days of sales as Black Friday shopping it is possible to empty their warehouses and to sell at a significant discount.