Britain has reduced the contribution to the EU twice News

Britain has reduced the contribution to the EU twice, said the head of the country’s Ministry of Finance George W. Osborn. He said that the payment was reduced to 1.05 billion euros (instead of 2.1 billion) and would be conducted in two transfers without penalty. In turn, the justice of the EU requirements will be verified, and if not confirmed, British citizens will get the money back.

“We have achieved a major victory. We agreed on the reduction of payment in half – instead of 1.7 billion pounds (2.1 billion euros. – approx. ed) we’ll have to pay 850 million (1.05 billion euros. – approx. as amended). We have also achieved a deferred payment, which will be held in two translations without any penalties,”

– said the Minister.

He also said that justice demands this money will be retrieved. If it is not confirmed that British taxpayers will get their money back, said the head of the British Treasury.

“Instead of  challenging  EU law, we are completely and forever changed the European standards,”

said Osborne.

Earlier it was reported that at the summit in Brussels, the European Commission has demanded a number of countries to make additional payments to the EU budget until 1 December 2014. From the UK, in particular, demanded 2.1 billion euros. This raised the IRE of the British Prime Minister David Cameron. He said that London is not going to pay money and is going to appeal that decision to the European Commission by all available means, until the country’s withdrawal from the EU.