Buckingham Palace opened for big public News

Buckingham Palace opened for big public News   For the first time for admirers of the British royal family the main entrance of Buckingham Palace which Mel goes outside opens. It is a unique case because before through a main entrance the guests invited by the queen or members of a royal surname could only get to Buckingham Palace, among which usually heads of states, famous athletes, astronauts or other celebrated personalities. Before visitors could come into the palace from a side entrance which is to the left of a building facade.

Main residence will suggest to guests to examine the Royal Reception exhibition within which it will be possible to see in the original kitchen, a wine cellar and a portny workshop. An integral part of a ceremony are royal toilets. The clothes from royal clothes of Elizabeth II — from evening dresses for formal state receptions to sets are presented to expositions and hats of pastel shades for parties in a sadu. Buckingham Palace opened for big public News   Each dress the photo of the solemn event which was taking place in Buckingham Palace accompanies. Guests will be able to see and royal jewelry: the diamond necklace and earrings which are put on a crowning ceremony — they were made for Queen Victoria. The managing director of the British Royal collection Anna Reynolds notes that this year those royal possession which are more often than others will be shown interest admirers.

The exhibition in details tells about their preparation and carrying out. Preparations begin in 10 days, and is occupied in them to 76 people. In the main smart hall of receptions lay a huge table at which 170 persons are seated. Under the protocol the distance between layings makes exactly 46 cm. 1700 units of tableware, 1104 subjects from glass and crystal — from calculation on six on a portrait are involved in one such reception (a glass for water, glasses for red and white wine, a glass for sweet wines and a shot glass for port flt for champagne). The ware undertakes from big service of the king George IV from 4000 subjects (to pack and unpack it, eight people will work three weeks).

Buckingham Palace opened for big public News   Buckingham Palace became available to general public in 1993, but reception from a main entrance is carried out for the first time. Last year the palace was visited to 500 thousand people. The entrance to the palace paid – the cost of one ticket depending on the program varies from 20,5 to 35,6 pounds sterling. The means obtained from visit of the palace will go for its repair.

Earlier it was reported that Buckingham Palace needs urgent capital repairs, and Elizabeth II can leave it for some time. According to preliminary estimates, the cost of repair of the palace will make about 150 million pounds ($235 million).

Buckingham Palace opened for big public News