Castle Pandurica was built in 1367 by the Lord of Zeta Stracimir Balsic News

Castle Pandurica was built in 1367 by the Lord of Zeta Stracimir Balsic. It happened after the assassination of the Governor of the Upper Zeta Duras Ilijic and joining of his territories in 1362 to the possessions of Balsic.

In 1473, the Lord of Zeta Ivan Crnojevic granted Top Zeta to his Duke Bogdan, the founder and the head of the tribe of Pjesivci. The river Zeta was the border of the possessions of the clan of Pjesivci Nikcevic and the Ottoman Empire.

Castle Pandurica controlled the mountain path and the river ford, through which trade was carried out between Herzegovina and Sanjack. The castle was repeatedly destroyed by the Turks, but always recovered. From the XVII century Nikcevic also acted as defenders of the Ostrog monastery from the raids of the Muslims from Herzegovina. Castle Pandurica securely guarded Ostrog from the West. Interestingly, the castle Pandurica has all the hallmarks of the castle from the point of view of residential manor-house and at the same time a fortification construction. As well as the majority of the similar structures castle Pandurica was built taking into account the land relief, the medieval architects took advantage of the special trajectory of the mountain trails.

It is clear that the castle could not protect from the large-scale invasions. For this purpose local tribes had mountains. When there was a serious military conflict, the locals left the castle and went into the inaccessible caves of the local mountains. On the other hand, we can find a sufficiently reasoned opinion, that the castle Pandurica was more of a fort from the point of view of its functionality. This view is rather difficult to accept because by all indications, the fief-vassal system based on the relationship between suzerain and vassal where, in exchange for military service of the vassal suzerain provided him the sovereign lands and expected loyalty. In this regard, Stracimir Balsic was just the full-fledged feudal lord, so and the structure had not only fortification value, but also, speaking the modern language, ideological.

The characteristic features of the castle is also existence of the big adjacent yard and the smoothed-out territory around a donzhon. Based on available data, the castle of Balsic in Pandurica was rebuilt many times, and the area around the castle could be used for various purposes. Most actively the territory around the castle was reconstructed between 1500 and 1600.

In 1878 upon the demand of Russia and to the decision of the Berlin congress East Herzegovina has been annexed to Montenegro. To strengthen the connection of the country with the new territories, in one kilometer from Pandurica at the expense of donation of the Emperor Alexander the Third Tsarev Bridge across the river Zeta has been built. For 2014 the castle and adjacent lands still belonged to clan Nikcevic. Currently in the castle Pandurica archaeological and restoration works are conducted.