Direct line with Vladimir Putin has started. News

The annual direct line with Vladimir Putin has started today at 12 am Moscow time. In fact it is the only way for citizens of Russia to communicate with the head of the country.

The second largest form of communication with the president is annual press-conference but only accredited journalists can ask questions there. And the third one is annual address to the Federal Assembly which doesn’t expect questions. The direct line with Vladimir Putin is more open form. Each person, theoretically, can address to the head of the country via phone, sms, video message.

However, some Mass media pay attention to the situation happened last year when worker of the cosmodrome Vostochny had asked Putin the question and this year he was arrested for five days and was ready to go on hunger strike. Anton Tyurischev “is paying” for the “unfavorable” question to the president of Russia about salary delays on the cosmodrome. For such stories with “unfavorable” questions do not repeat again, this time the authority decided to rehearse the procedure itself, culture of asking questions and so on. In Moscow region in the holiday centre “Polyany” one of such rehearsals was held. Organizers devided all participants in sections, listened how they can ask questions and as a result they chose several  dozens of people from several hundreds – they will communicate with the president.