Dreamed of a gold ruble? To begin with – Imperial Silver News

On April 9th, 2015, there was  a meeting of the Imperial Throne Archchancellor Anton Bakov and the Cabinet. They discussed the prospects of issue of Imperial hrone coins. Details of the meeting you can find in the material of Imperor.net


The idea to issue its own currency to the imperial throne was existed from the very inception of the state. Independent financial system is one element of autonomy of the state and one of the tools for the implementation of an independent economic policy. Above all – issuance of money has always been the most profitable for any country and one of the ways of filling the budget. Therefore, the issue of Imperial throne money is only a matter of time.

As a candidate in the heads of the mint His Majesty was proposed, Mr. Menshikov, who is one of the enthusiasts.

At the suggestion of his proposal, issuance of money will begin with coinage.

The idea that independent monetary system must break in the trial issue of its own coins – was announced by Ilya Bakov and supported by all participants.

The first batch may include the release of thousands of coins.

During the discussion were revealed two approaches to the issue.

Option when a coin is worth the sample immediately allow secure greater confidence in the authenticity of the purchasers of coins and valuables. However, this option is complicated by the fact that the implementation of the coin is planned in Russia, and hence such a coin if it is a trial ,will be sold as jewelry products. If the sample is not trial, then the coin will be realized as souvenirs.

With the last version you can avoid a number of bureaucratic complications. As for the credibility of the coin, and it contained a valuable metal, then it can only occur with prolonged circulation coins.

According to Igor Menshikov, the main imperial value should be required to accept and pay at the exchange rate of the silver on the London Metal Exchange. This will make the imperial conventional means of accumulation and savings.

The basic functions of money is a function of the exchange, and the function of a universal equivalent savings. If the implementation in the territory of Russia is impossible, due to the accumulation of the function contained in the silver coin can be fully implemented, not only in Russia where it is planned, but also throughout the earth.

Design of Imperial

The question that caused the least issues concerning the design of the coin. According to Anton Alekseevich, a preliminary version of the design was ready a few years ago, but at that time and was not of those who would be able to establish a high quality coinage.

Dreamed of a gold ruble? To begin with – Imperial Silver News

The obverse of the coin in the traditions of the Russian Empire shows the profile of the monarch – Nicholas Kirillovich Third, and on the reverse of the emblem of the Empire.

Following the discussions, participants agreed on the need to clarify the final cost of the manufacture of coins and calculate the economic feasibility of the project. Similar calculations are needed to further evaluate how the issue can replenish Imperial treasury, but at the same time become a mass storage means, and the equivalent exchange value in the territory of the Imperial Throne and beyond.