First Lady of Turkey called harems sultans as a school life News

The Ottoman Empire has passed many centuries ago, but some members of the ruling elite of Turkey still believe that the old foundations of society were useful for all its citizens. Such statement was made by the First Lady of the state.

First Lady of Turkey called harems sultans as a school life News

Emine Erdogan expressed the opinion at the conference “Mother Sultans, left a mark on our history.” According to women harems of the Ottoman Empire were useful school of life for all the girls. According to the first lady, young Turkish women in the harem were learning all the basics of family life, become educated and learn to engage in charity.

It is believed that she and her husband, the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, by all means try to revive the already long gone in the history traditions of their people. Some politicians believe that in some areas the country’s leader has already behaves as if he was the Sultan, although now the state is developing at the new level.

Turkey’s First Lady’s words have caused heated discussions in social networks. Women living in this country, believe that the question can not go on education in the harem. In those days,  there was a little amount of literature, especially not everybody could read it.

Many Turkish residents reacted negatively to such an application, and for them it was strange to hear those words from the Emine Erdogan. After all, she is a very respected person in the country for her social activities.