France questioned the anti-Russian sanctions News

Economic sanctions, which the US and EU imposed against Russia could be called into question at the summit, “Norman Quartet” in Paris, said the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Such a proposal was put forward by France, subject to the Minsk Agreement.

France questioned the anti-Russian sanctions News

The leaders of the “Norman Quartet”

Russian food sanctions, which A. Bakov spoke about were a response to US economic sanctions and the EU. If the summit in Paris Western sanctions will be lifted, the Russian economy will continue to function. The European Union has a significant place in the Russian economy. There goes the main flow of Russian energy resources from Europe to Russia comes import of technologies and equipment.

The highest value for the economy of Russia plays Germany, not France. For this reason, most likely would have was the lifting of sanctions in the case of the statements on the matter of the German representatives.

In recent years, Russia is trying to move in line with the common interests of the West. It was dedicated to the performance of President Vladimir Putin at the United Nations, as well as meeting with Barack Obama.